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National University of Mongolia


The NUM is collaborating with more than 220 international universities and organizations from the different parts of the world. As a realization of our partnership agreements, the NUM is growing as a globalizing university with a multicultural academic community and a broad range of exchange programs and joint academic activities. Besides promoting equal and mutually beneficial international cooperation with partner institutions, the NUM is actively involved in coordinating international scholarship programs including Erasmus Mundus, AusAid, Fullbright and Eurasia. The NUM has been a trusted partner of Erasmus Mundus since 2009 with over 70 students and faculties involved in various programs such as Bridging the Gap, One More Step, AREAS and Swap and Transfer. The NUM was selected as a joint coordinator of the GATE program. Vision: "We aim to become a national model research University which meets world standards and provides pillars for Mongolia’s development." Mission: "To become a sustainable university creating and distributing new knowledge in environmental, social, humanitarian and technological fields and contributing the country’s development in extensive level."

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