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Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH)


As one of Korea's top universities dedicated to science and engineering, POSTECH offers four-year programs in 10 departments and POSTECH's Graduate School offers programs in 11 departments. Students here are instructed by some of the finest professors and scholars in the world. POSTECH also provides some of the best research facilities and learning resources available on the beautifully laid out campus for its students and faculty to utilize during their tenure here. The excellence of the university extends far beyond the campus, as POSTECH has international cooperative agreements in place with 50 sister universities all across the world. Every year, more of our students are selected to study and take internships abroad while more international students are also admitted to our university. POSTECH is actively engaged in R&D as it supports over 45 research centers on its campus. Through all this, POSTECH continues its pursuit of excellence and maintains its integrity in providing the best possible education for its gifted students. The ultimate goal of POSTECH is the betterment of not just Korea, but of the entire global family - human civilization in the 21st Century and beyond.

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