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Royal College of Art

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The world’s most influential postgraduate art and design school, The Royal College of Art (RCA), leads in the field of postgraduate art and design study and research.

The college is rightly proud of its graduates' achievements. Alumni from the RCA form part of an international network of creative individuals who have shaped and continue to shape culture – from the landscape of cities to the furniture and appliances in many homes, and from the fashion industry and the film industry to the work in galleries and the automotive industry.

Specializing in teaching and research, the RCA offers the degrees of MA, MPhil and PhD across the disciplines of fine art, applied art, design, communications and humanities. At the college’s heart is a firm belief in project-based education, face-to-face teaching and learning and professional orientation. RCA’s mission is to recruit talented students of great variety and complexity - whatever their background. Visit for more information.

  • 98.4
    Overall Score
  • 100
    Academic Reputation
  • 84.1
    Employer Reputation
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