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Saint-Louis University, Brussels

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Our university boasts 3 Faculties spanning the spectrum of the human and social sciences and an Institute for European Studies. Together, they offer a broad range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Advanced Master’s, and Doctoral degree programmes, as well as numerous lifelong and executive courses that currently attract nearly 2,800 students from some 60 nations. Our growth and diversification over the years has firmly established our reputation as one of Belgium’s principal centres of excellence in the human and social sciences. This renown is not limited to our teaching. Our academic staff are active in numerous national and international research networks, and the expertise of our fifteen Research Centres, which regularly play host to international academics, is frequently sollicited by Regional, Federal, and international organisations.Ever since its creation Saint-Louis University, Brussels, has exclusively provided undergraduate (1st cycle) education. Over the years, it has developed into a centre of excellence in undergraduate teaching in the human sciences.

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