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Thomas M. Cooley Law School

U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Attorneys Graduate Program The U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Attorneys LL.M. program is intended for well-qualified lawyers and law graduates from countries outside the United States who desire to immerse themselves in the study of the common law and then plan to return to their country to practice law. Students in the U.S. Legal Studies LL.M. are in residence for one year studying full-time for three consecutive semesters. Another option available to students who wish to finish their studies earlier is to participate in Cooley’s six week summer foreign study program in Toronto, Canada. The Toronto option provides students the opportunity to complete their studies in June rather than August. The 24 credit degree blends common law subjects with elective courses chosen by the student. LL.M. students choose 12 credits from common law courses typically studied during the first year of law school – contracts, property and torts. In addition, they study U.S. constitutional law and legal research in classes specifically designed for foreign attorneys. The final required course is international law. The remaining six credits consist of elective courses from Cooley’s curriculum chosen by the student and approved by the director. The elective credits...
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