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Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

Carrera 11 No. 101 80 Bogotá D.C.,
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Located in Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá, Nueva Granada Military University aims to be a milestone of academic development by 2030.

Set to become one of the largest campuses in Latin America, students at Nueva Granada Military University will be able to enjoy, and take full advantage of an outstanding range of state-of-the-art amenities and support resources, including high-tech laboratories, auditoriums, cafeterias and sports facilities.

Nueva Granada Military University promotes innovative scientific and technological development and ensures the highest standards of academic program teachings.

Students at Nueva Granada Military University can study a variety of degree programs, such as technology, undergraduate, specialization, master’s, and doctorate, across eight departments, including:

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Academic services on offer at Nueva Granada Military University are reinforced through its teaching, research and extension projects. The university’s medical school building, 100th street building and Nueva Granada campus boast customized classroom facilities, and specialized laboratories to aid the development of student education and extra-curricular activities.

As the university is closely situated to the Sabana Centro region, this allows easy access to help with the university’s social nature projects that promote sustainable development of the area,  its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Although teaching is conducted entirely in Spanish, the Department of Intercultural Studies (DEIN) promotes several language-learning programs including English, German, Italian and Portuguese for various levels of proficiency. For more information, and find out whether you’re eligible to take part, visit the university’s website.

Under one percent of Nueva Granada Military University’s students are international, with students from countries such as: Brazil, Chile, US, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Panama, Salvador and Venezuela; both civilian and military.

A person interested in their wholesome formation, the development of their competences and the strengthening of the construction of academic community, and who identifies themselves with the institutional principles of science, homeland, and family. Skilled to communicate ideas, with solid arguments and critical thinking, analytical capacity, prospective look and with great ability to interpret global events and their effects in their environment, as well as to work as part of a team and lead processes. Creative, generous and supportive, generator of favorable work environments, with capacity to resolve conflicts and live peacefully. Wholesome, entrepreneur and socially responsible, promotes justice, equity, respect for cultural, ethnic, religious and political differences, as well as the observance of collective and individual rights".

Entry requirements for Nueva Granada Military University vary according to which program you’re hoping to study. To find out more about the entry requirements, you can visit the university’s website.

If you’re an international student who is interested in studying at Nueva Granada Military University, there are a number of scholarships available for students from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina at Nueva Granada Military University.

If you’re interested in studying at Nueva Granada Military University, and want to find out more information about whether you’re eligible to apply for a scholarship, click here.

The percentage of graduates working in the last five years, has been between 67 percent and 71 percent.

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Total students - 18,419


Total faculty staff - 931


Total students - 18,419


Total faculty staff - 931

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