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University of Applied Science and Technology

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Iran, Islamic Republic of


University of Applied Sciences & Technology (UAST) is the largest public university in Iran. UAST was established in 1992 aiming at updating occupational skills of employees in different economic sectors and promoting professional knowledge of the fresh graduates. UAST exploits and organizes the facilities as well as financial and human resources of executive organizations to hold applied programs in Associate’s , Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs . This university is the only administrator of skilled higher education system in Iran comprising of 17% of university students in the country. The mission of this entrepreneurial university is to help with the private and public sectors to participate in training skilled human resources required for various economic, social and cultural sections in the country. University of Applied Sciences & Technology is responsible for planning, organizing, technically supporting as well as monitoring and evaluation of the quality of education in Centers and Institutes of Applied Sciences throughout the country. These Centers and Institutes constitute the executive body of skilled higher education and aiming at developing knowledge and skills required for job market.

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