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School of Politics and International Relations

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Kent's Politics and International Relations is one of the most dynamic and forward-looking departments in the UK. It features a cosmopolitan staff which includes several leading figures in the discipline. Each year we welcome close to one hundred students to a vibrant postgraduate community. Excellence in teaching and research The Department has a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research. The strength of our academic body has led us to achieve international excellence in many areas of the discipline. All our programmes are informed by cutting-edge research conducted in our three research clusters: the Centre for Conflict and Peace, the Centre for European and Comparative Governance and the Centre for Federal Studies. Flexible and innovative programmes § Comparative Federalism Focused on in depth study of federalism from a comparative perspective. Covering the historical and philosophical background to modern federal principles and the constitutional and political features of prominent federal systems such as the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. Also available as a PG Diploma. § European Governance Designed to provide an advanced understanding of the EU to deepen your knowledge and to prepare for a career in European affairs. Multi-disciplinary approach focused on constitutional features, decision-making and public...

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