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University of Kirkuk

Kirkuk Al - Sayadaa Kirkuk,


The University of Kirkuk is a modern university. It was established on January 17, 2003 and included four faculties, three of which were established after the establishment of the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Law which was affiliated with the University of Mosul.

The university has witnessed a great development since its establishment. To date, this development has included the scientific aspect of the wonderful levels achieved by our dear students in various disciplines as well as the research provided by distinguished professors and their participation in scientific conferences, both held in Iraqi universities or in universities in other countries. Which represents the transformation of the university in a number of faculties to its new university campus in Al-Sayadah, which represents a major turning point in scientific research, which contributes to opening new scientific horizons and helps to embrace its dear students after suffering from the limited areas of their colleges and Scientific mother over the past years.

On the development side, the University has undergone important stages of development. It has developed three new faculties, namely the Faculty of Medicine, the College of Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture, the creation of five departments in the Faculty of Humanities, four departments of the Faculty of Science, And the establishment of new scientific branches in the Faculty of Medicine.

In the academic year (2009-2010), the Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the Faculty of Engineering and the College of Education for Pure Sciences was established in 2011-2012 in the Department of Physics and Life Sciences, as well as the introduction of the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Law. 2013), the University witnessed a scientific qualitative leap, which was the creation of the faculties of veterinary medicine, the Faculty of Physical Education, the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences at the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences, and the Department of Forestry and Soil at the Faculty of Agriculture and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering.

The University has also developed graduate studies in the fields of physics, life sciences, earth sciences, law, Arabic language, and horticulture in the Faculty of Agriculture, and the University of Kirkuk. This large urban edifice has since been established to develop the capabilities of its people and build a promising generation capable of building a new Iraq.

University Highlights

    Total students - 6,703


    Total faculty staff - 408


    Total students - 6,703

    Total faculty staff - 408

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