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University of Pennslyvania Law School

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United States


THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW SCHOOL The University of Pennsylvania Law School is one of the top ranked and oldest law schools in the U.S., tracing its roots back to the founding of the nation. Benjamin Franklin established the University of Pennsylvania in 1740. James Wilson signed the Declaration of Independence, helped draft the Constitution, and became the Law School's first professor in 1790 with President George Washington, Vice President John Adams and members of Congress in attendance at his first lecture. Throughout the centuries the law faculty has educated students to become leaders in the legal and business communities both here and abroad, in addition to educating future professors who have taught at some of the most well respected law schools and universities. The Law School is located on the 250-acre campus of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the premier Ivy League universities in the U.S. The Law School is well-integrated within Penn and has created an outstanding cross-disciplinary program, allowing law students to take classes at the other graduate facilities and participate actively in the strong intellectual community that includes many international faculty and students. Additionally, within blocks of Penn Law are restaurants, world class museums and...

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