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Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs

Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs Ulitsa Gor'kogo, 87 Vladimir,
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Vladimir State University (VLSU) is the leading educational establishment of the Vladimir region in Russia. In 2017 VLSU got the status of the Flagship University of the Vladimir region due to the victory in the competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. 

Vladimir State University is a multi-profile classical university which incorporates 13 Institutes and has the branch in Murom, the town of the Vladimir region. The university has a well-developed infrastructure: 11 academic and laboratory buildings, 11 student hostels, 35 research centres and different facilities for sports and recreation. More than 22 000 students study on 160 programs including vocational, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and (senior) doctorate programs. The University consists of the following Institutes: Institute of Engineering and Automobile Transport, Institute of Аrchitecture, Civil Engineering and Energy, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Physics  and Informatics, Institute of Biology and Ecology, Institute of Information Technologies and Radioelectronics, Institute of Economics and Management, Institute of Tourism and Entrepreneurship, Law Institute, Institute of the Arts and Arts Education, Institute for the Humanities, Pedagogical Institute, Institute of Physical Culture and Sports.

Vladimir State University is a leading research center of the Vladimir region which unites 25 scientific schools and 48 scientific educational centers and laboratories. Research is carried out in 48 fields of science. VlSU successfully participates in international projects of  Erazmus+, Jean Monnet Programme, Horizon 2020 and others. VLSU cooperates with 184 foreign universities, research centers and various organizations from 39 countries of the world. About 70 international forums on different branches of science are held at the Vladimir State University every year. More than 200 foreign scientists come to VlSU to lecture, to conduct workshops and participate in different university events. 

 VLSU launched the training of foreign students in 1968 and at present the University has about 1000 foreign students from 63 countries. International academic exchange programs are also being implemented.


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