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Nagoya is the fourth-largest city in Japan and comes in at 107th this year alongside Vilnius. Of the three Japanese cities to be featured, Nagoya scored the highest for affordability, ranking joint 38th in the world for this indicator.

Located in the center of Japan on Honshu island, on the Pacific coast, Nagoya is one of the country’s major ports and economic centers, with a primary focus on the automobile industry (Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi are all based here). Other important industries in Nagoya include aviation, ceramics, retail and technology, and with recent growth in areas like materials engineering, it’s no surprise that more and more international students are choosing to stay and find work.

There are plenty of beautiful and historically significant attractions to explore in your spare time in Nagoya, including the 17th century Nagoya Castle, the Atsuta Shrine (the second-most venerable shrine in the country), the Tokugawa Garden, the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and the Higashiyama Sky Tower. Nagoya also offers something for everyone in terms of nightlife, with British-style pubs, stylish cocktail bars, sports clubs and vibrant nightclubs to suit different tastes.

Nagoya is a reputable center for education and is home to two internationally ranked universities, including Nagoya University, which offers an increasing selection of English-taught courses. There are also specialized schools for medicine, music, art and technology.

Nagoya’s high score in the affordability category of the Best Student Cities ranking reflects the fact that living costs are considerably lower here than in Tokyo, with rent alone about 38 percent lower on average, according to Numbeo.

Best universities in Nagoya - QS Best Student Cities ranking: 107th

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