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QS Best Student Cities ranking: 17th

Taiwan’s universities have been steadily climbing to greater global prominence in recent years, establishing the capital as one of Asia’s leading higher education hubs. Raising three places this year in the QS Best Student Cities ranking, Taipei is home seven universities ranked among the world’s best in the QS World University Rankings® 2020, led by the nation’s flagship public institute, National Taiwan University (NTU) at 69th in the world.

Renowned worldwide for its high-tech industry, Taipei has also become increasingly popular with travelers. Its attraction is something akin to that of cities like Hong Kong, in combining all the attractions of fast-paced modern city life with the appeal of more traditional cultural elements. Taipei sees its largest increase this year in the student mix indicator, rising 12 places to reach 65th, reflecting the city’s diverse student population.

With relatively low tuition fees and living costs, Taipei also has one of the highest scores for affordability, climbing three places in the affordability indicator this year to 14th worldwide. This makes it well worth considering if you’re on a tight budget.

Taipei also ranks 14th for student view (up six places this year) showing that students are enjoying their experience of the city and are often keen to stay after graduation. When asked to name the best things about studying in Taipei, one respondent to our student survey summarized: “Inclusion. Diversity. Friendliness.” Another commented, “The local people are friendly and helpful to foreigners.

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I would like to do my masters there, I am a computer engineer. and two questions can I study and live there speaking only English, and when I finish my master degree I have any facility to find a job and apply for a work visa ? thanks

Hello, we have an article coming soon on where you can study abroad in English, and this includes Taiwan, in which many residents can speak English (however, you might still like to learn a few basic phrases in Mandarin to help you converse with the locals) and there are many course programs available in English. To work in Taiwan you will need a work permit, which for a foreign professional lasts three years. You might like to contact the Taiwanese Ministry of Labor for more information. 

Hi! I'm really interested in pursuing a Tourism Management degree in English in Taiwan, but I don't know if I can work and support myself as a foreigner. I hope you can help me.

Hi Anna, read more about studying in Taiwan with our dedicated country guide. Although we don't have specific information about which schools offer English-language programs, a growing number of universities are doing so - if a school does offer English programs, you can find out via their official website. For a list of school names, see the QS World University Rankings. Laura