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Why internationalisation is essential for successful postgraduate study

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Craig OCallaghan

Updated May 31, 2024



Postgraduate students benefit from studying in an international environment

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As you explore your options for postgraduate study, selecting a university with strong global connections can give you a vital headstart in your professional career.  

The international landscape of a university fosters an environment ripe for personal and professional growth, which is why Satbayev University in Kazakhstan has made great efforts to build partnerships with other top global universities.  

Let’s take a closer look at how internationalisation is transforming Satbayev University and what that means for the postgraduate experience. 

Benefiting from a network of varied experiences

One of the most compelling aspects of studying at a globally connected university is the opportunity to engage with a diverse community of students and scholars from around the world. 

Satbayev University has recently entered into partnerships with Penn State University in the US and City University of Hong Kong aiming to enrich the learning experience through international collaboration. 

To train talented postgraduates at Satbayev University, these partnerships will explore curriculum development and the feasibility of delivering dual-degree programmes across both institutions as well as exchange opportunities for PhD students and faculty. 

Access cutting-edge research from around the world

Collaborations such as these also facilitate knowledge exchange, joint research projects, and access to cutting-edge resources and facilities.  

For example, Satbayev’s partnership with Penn State will focus on opportunities for research and innovation within fields such as materials science, cybersecurity and geology. 

As a postgraduate student, this means you'll have the opportunity to work alongside leading researchers and innovators in your field, gaining invaluable experience and contributing to groundbreaking discoveries.  

The networks established through these collaborations can also open doors to future academic and professional opportunities, both locally and internationally. 

A global network of peers and opportunities

The possibility for dual-degree programmes and exchange programmes will not only enhance your academic credentials but also foster personal growth and cultural fluency. 

Satbayev University provides students with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different cultural context by studying in Kazakhstan, while also benefiting from a network of contacts spread across the world through the university’s global connections. 

This network is the ideal preparation for a global career, with employers increasingly valuing cross-cultural competency. 

Employers recognise the skills acquired through international experiences – adaptability, communication across cultures, and the ability to navigate diverse environments – as essential attributes for success in a globalised workforce.  

Whether your career aspirations lead you to multinational corporations, international organisations, or academia, the international exposure gained during your postgraduate studies will serve as a solid foundation for your professional endeavours. 

As well as offering students access to international partnerships, Satbayev University is also targeting growth of its proportion of international students on campus to 35 percent of the student body (with at least 7.5 percent from developed countries).  

This diverse mix of students means you’ll study within a truly international cohort, with each student bringing their own background and experiences into the classroom and helping to contribute towards a positive, globalised learning environment.  

Benefit from studying at a university with a global reputation

How can you easily identify a university which is investing in internationalisation? One of the simplest ways of assessing a university’s global reputation is to use the QS World University Rankings, which consider the reputation of an institution among both academics and employers. 

Satbayev University is ranked within the top 500 universities in the world and has climbed over 200 places in the last decade, largely thanks to the university’s improved reputation on a global stage.