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Study in Lithuania

Located in the north of Europe on the Baltic Sea, Lithuania offers a unique blend of multicultural influences, with a complex past and modern, cosmopolitan student cities. Home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union, Lithuania offers lower living costs than many Western European countries, and its people are some of the most bilingual and well-educated in Europe. It’s also *relatively* mild, despite its northern location, and an ideal choice for nature-lovers, with a lush mix of forests, gently rolling hills, rivers, streams and lakes.

Want to study in Lithuania? Read on to find out about leading universities in Lithuania, student cities, fees, Lithuanian student visa applications and more.  

Fast Facts

  • Borders Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast.
  • Capital and largest city: Vilnius
  • Former Soviet Union state; Lithuania was the first Soviet republic to declare itself independent (in March 1990).
  • Official language is Lithuanian; the most common foreign languages are Latvian, Russian, Polish, English and Belarusian.
  • Celebrates Independence Day on 16th February (a national holiday).
  • Population of around 2.85 million (2016 estimate)
  • Largest and most southerly of the three Baltic states
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • A member of the European Union, NATO, the Schengen Agreement and the Council of Europe.
  • Official name: Lietuvos Respublika (the Republic of Lithuania)
  • Government is a unitary semi-presidential republic with both a president and a prime minister.
  • The Lithuanian language is one of the oldest-surviving Indo-European languages, and is similar to the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit.
  • Main religion is Roman Catholicism.
  • Lithuania is the only country with its own official scent (the appropriately named Scent of Lithuania).
  • Basketball is the national sport of Lithuania.
  • There are five national parks in Lithuania and around a third of the land is forests.
  • Ranked first in the world for the number of hot air balloons per resident.
  • Labas is the typical Lithuanian greeting.