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London Locations to Fall in Love with this Autumn

London Locations to Fall in Love with this Autumn main image

Autumn in London doesn’t have to be a dreary affair. With the milder weather and a colorful filigree of leaves cushioning your steps, it’s a beautiful time to rediscover the city. From quaint alleyways to quirky cafes, picturesque canals and royal parks, there’s plenty to enjoy. To help you get started, here’s a list of London locations you will surely fall in love with this season. 

*Note: Due to current guidelines, check before visiting any of these places as opening times might suddenly change.

The Mews of London

Before the age of Uber, London had carriage houses and horse stables. Today, these areas have been transformed into beautiful residential streets called mews which offer pockets of autumnal bliss in a bustling city.  Some of the most picturesque ones are found in Kensington, the most popular being Kynance Mews. Golden red Virginia creepers dangle elegantly on the infamous stone archway which marks its entrance. Nearby, there are more to explore as equally tantalizing, just let the cobbled streets and colorful homes be your guide

Little Venice

Located in Maida Vale at the intersection of Grand Union and Regent’s canals is Little Venice. Featuring picturesque riverbanks lined with colorful houseboats and charming waterside cafés framed by trees that are now starting to change color, it’s a postcard perfect scenery. Look, it won’t transport you to Italy, but Little Venice is still a location you will certainly adore this fall.

Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola

Tucked away in the western part of Hampstead Heath, the Hill Garden and Pergola offer an ethereal sight in autumn. The Pergola is a grand Edwardian terrace built in the early 20th century to connect the surrounding gardens to what was then called Hill House (nope, not the haunted one!) Though the grandeur has faded and now overrun with vines and flowers, it’s still a pretty sight to behold. You can also venture further into the Heath or explore the charming streets of Hampstead Village also showcasing some brilliant autumnal hues.

Richmond Park

With over 5,000 acres of historic parkland, Richmond Park offers an escape from the city without actually leaving it. You can roam under ancient trees and watch the resident deer go about their day. There’s are also a woodland garden in the Isabella Plantation to discover and the Pembroke Lodge offers a kaleidoscope view of the transitioning trees with the city skyline beyond. For a brisker tour around the park, why not rent a bicycle near Roehampton Gate or bring your own?

Nunhead Cemetery  

Looking for a new haunt this season? Discover Nunhead Cemetery, probably the least known of the Magnificent Seven, a group of Victorian cemeteries encircling the inner part of London. This 50-acre site is actually part nature reserve and considered a Grade 2 historic park. Opened in 1840, the cemetery was eventually abandoned in the 1970’s. Today, it has transformed into a rather splendid Gothic jungle as trees and vines crawl around monuments and the once decadent graves and mausoleums loom in varying states of disrepair.

Mudchute Park and Farm

For something on the opposite end of the spectrum, head east to Mudchute, a large urban park and farm where you can encounter over 200 animals whilst enjoying a gorgeous view of the city. If you can take your eyes away from the adorable animals that is! They have llamas, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, chickens…you get the gist. It’s free of charge but certain activities like horse riding lessons have to booked and paid for.

Camden Dessert Café

When the leaves have all fallen and your spirits become low, take a trip to Hans and Gretel Dessert Café at the heart of Camden. You won’t need breadcrumbs to find this place as golden life-size statues guard the entrance. Inside, a spectacle awaits. Lollipops, cupcakes and all types of sweets decorate every inch of space. The menu serves up dreams in the form of chimney cakes, bubble waffles and freak-shakes amongst others. There’s also a pick n’ mix station, candy floss machine and an ice cream bar!

The Wands and Wizard Exploratorium

Last on the list is the most spellbinding one yet. The recently opened Wands and Wizard Exploratorium turns fantasy into reality with the help of modern science and technology. Expect a magical interactive experience where you can use your own magic wand to control the exhibitions around you. Partake in a wand making workshop or for this month only have a go at making your own Jack-O-Lantern whilst sampling their mug of HallowCream special. You will need to buy and book tickets for the special activities, but general entry is only £9.99 for students!

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