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Study in Puerto Rico

A lush tropical island in the Caribbean Sea just west of the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, also referred to locally as la Isla del Encanto (the Isle of Enchantment) features some 20 varieties of orchids and a distinctively bright green species of parrots. Puerto Rico’s national symbol of pride is an animal called the coqui, a tiny brown frog about 80 millimeters long. While rainfall is abundant, Puerto Ricans enjoy a tropical monsoon climate all year long with temperatures ranging between 27.2°C and 32°C. Suffice to say, Puerto Rico is delightful.

Capital city San Juan is a cultural and architectural gem with a characteristic Spanish Art Deco influence mixed up with Latin American culture and art. Expect to find uber stylish art galleries, coffee snobs, cute cocktail bars and casinos. If zip-lining over rainforest canopy in between lectures or tumbling down vast stretches of black sand beaches or embarking on kayak and boating tours when you’ve got some spare time sounds like your ideal study abroad experience – put your feet up and read this guide for a breakdown of the best universities in Puerto Rico, life in San Juan, and everything you need to know about applications, fees and visas. 

Fast Facts

  • Puerto Rico has over 434 kilometers of beaches.
  • El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest on US territory.
  • There is an average rainfall of about 5.08 meters throughout El Yunque each year.
  • Cock fighting continues to be legal and enjoyed by many in Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico observes 24 official national holidays.
  • Population of approximately 3.4 million people
  • Puerto Rican cuisine blends together Spanish, African, Taíno Indian and American culinary traditions.
  • Puerto Rico is a major producer of rum, including the well-known Don Q brand (named after Don Quixote).
  • Puerto Rican music is influenced by a mixture of different sources, including Caribbean, African and European cultures, and the impact of events such as migration, colonialism and revolution.
  • Modern barbecue as we know it descends from the Puerto Rican Taíno pork roast, or the barbicoa.
  • Famous Puerto Ricans include actor Benicio del Toro and singer Ricky Martin, while Jennifer Lopez, David Blaine and Rosario Dawson all have at least one Puerto Rican parent.