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How Corbin Got Into Harvard University

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With three years left of secondary school, Corbin decided he wanted to study in the US - at an Ivy League university no less. Corbin didn’t know where to begin - he wasn’t sure how to effectively present his strengths and achievements on his application, nor how to navigate the essays and standardised tests required for admission.

“[Going to] an Ivy League university is obviously something that’s so abstract from the day to day life in high school ... I hadn’t known anybody who had gone to universities overseas, let alone to one of these amazing institutions,” Corbin says.

After identifying his dream school as Harvard University and discovering it had an acceptance rate of less than five percent, Corbin knew he needed some expert help and support.

Corbin’s story

Crimson supported Corbin with comprehensive admissions support, surrounding him with a team of 10+ tutors and mentors. Corbin’s team consisted of:

  • Application Mentor
  • SAT and ACT tutors
  • Extracurricular Mentor
  • Leadership Mentor
  • Essay Mentor
  • Interview Mentor

After over two years of hard work with his Crimson team, the results speak for themselves. Corbin not only received an offer from his dream school, Harvard University, but also a very generous financial aid offer, which significantly reduced the cost of his degree.

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