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Best Study Spots in Perth

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There’s only so much work you can get done perched on the cramped desk in your gloomy dorm room or squeezed into a corner of the library. A change in scenery can really help get those productive and creative juices flowing however (providing there’s reliable Wi-Fi, of course), which is why I’ve made it my mission to compile a list of the best places in Perth to get your study on.

Never underestimate the power of a large flat white at a cozy café to help motivate you to get things done. With strong coffee, tasty treats, brilliant architecture, and beautiful outdoor spaces, there are plenty of places to study in which will help relieve some of that stress and make your studying bearable.

Perth Cultural Centre


Nestled in-between the CBD and Northbridge, the Perth Cultural Centre is a public environment that showcases an abundance of art and culture.

There are various different spots where you can sit and work at the Perth Cultural Centre. On a sunny day, you can take a seat outside in the James St Amphitheatre or find natural tranquility at the Urban Wetland, all while taking in the vibrant public artwork. The wide variety means we could have almost made this entire list of best study spots in Perth purely about the Cultural Centre.

While this outdoor oasis can be busy, it still provides a less hectic environment than campus for sitting back and being productive. This area offers free Wi-Fi in all outdoor zones, as a part of the free Wi-Fi throughout Perth CBD.

State Library of Western Australia

If you’re sick of your university library (because let’s face it, who isn’t?), there are plenty of other library spaces that likely won’t be as jam-packed full of students every day. Located within the Perth Cultural Centre, the State Library of Western Australia is the perfect spot for a study session. Here you’ll find a relaxing, ambient atmosphere with a ton of resources on WA heritage if you’re keen on a study break.

The library has a cozy café on the ground floor where you can grab a study snack, and the fourth floor has an amazing view of the city’s architecture (but don’t let that distract you from your work). The library offers a ton of eResources, free Wi-Fi, printing and copying services, free library cards, and study rooms available to book for group sessions.

Perth City Library  


Similarly, there is also the Perth City Library, located in the heart of the metropolitan area. Built in 2016, the modern architecture, cafes, and outdoor terrace here make it the ideal location to get work done.

This is truly the best study spot in Perth for a peaceful, reflective experience — you may even want to hang out here on your days off (okay, maybe not!).

Stirling Gardens

What better way to relieve some study stress than by getting outside and feeling a fresh breeze while soaking up some Vitamin D? Forget indoor cubicles—there’s truly no better way to study on a sunny Perth day (which is most days of the year).

Located right outside the CBD on the way to Elizabeth Quay, Stirling Gardens is a relaxing space full of beautiful vegetation and flowers, water elements, and shady spots to kick back with a textbook.

Hyde Park

Staying outside on our list of best study spots in Perth, Hyde Park is another stunning outdoor space with lakes, a variety of non-native trees (autumn is the best time to visit to witness the leaves changing colours), a ton of grassy space, and sheltered gazebos.

Kings Park


A few minutes down the road from Hyde Park, Kings Park offers a panoramic city view and botanical gardens; a perfect spot to grab lunch at the café in between readings. While these outdoor spaces do not offer free Wi-Fi, they’re one of the best study spots in Perth to get readings done without any electronic distractions.


The Tenth State

The Tenth State, located close to The University of Western Australia, is a convenient location for students to escape campus life. It doubles as a trendy homeware boutique store, with an intimate backroom surrounded by a variety of plants—so dreamy!

Come early to secure a spot and reward yourself to a homemade pastry after completing that tough assignment.

Canvas Café

If you’re in the Fremantle Area, Canvas Café is a hidden gem ideal for those looking to focus in a quiet atmosphere. With a tranquil outdoor courtyard, the combination of sunshine and leafy trees makes it the perfect spot, particularly if you need to get a lot of work done. This café is located at the Fremantle Arts Centre, meaning you can check out the artwork to clear your mind after an intense study session.

Baylon Café

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD, Leederville is an area located five minutes outside the city, which is home to no shortage of trendy cafes and laptop-friendly workspaces. If you look hard enough, off the beaten track lies Baylon Café, equipped with outdoor seating, savory treats, and retro vibes.

Foam Café

The last place on our list of best study spots in Perth is Foam Café, which is ideal for night owls as it has a range of both healthy (and not so healthy) locally sourced options to choose from until 10pm.

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