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Meta: How much does it really cost to study in Denmark? Get a breakdown of the student fees and living costs for domestic, international and EU students.

3 Finance Tips For Studying Abroad In France main image

Looking to study abroad in France? Don’t leave home without taking these top finance tips with you! 

Six Reasons to Choose a FAME Subject at EDHEC Business School main image

Choose a business school, specialize in a FAME subject and maybe even qualify for an exclusive scholarship. It's a no-brainer.

TOPUNIVERSITIES finance by date
Accounting Vs Finance: Which Should You Study? main image

Are you having trouble deciding whether to study accounting or finance? Get the lowdown on what you can expect from each...

4 Reasons to Study a Master’s in Finance in France main image

Read our short article to find out why you should consider France as the place to pursue a master’s in finance.

Russian Students Beat the Odds to Win Global FinTech Competition main image

Three female students from MIPT came out on top of a recent global fintech competition, beating 11,000 other participants to the title. We spoke to them to find out how they did it.

Easy Ways to Make Money as a Student in Austria main image

Struggling for cash? Here are some specific tips for students in Austria to help you earn a few extra euros.

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How hard is it to get into the world’s top 10 top schools for finance degrees? Find out here.