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Top 10 universities for master's in finance degrees

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Updated Jan 02, 2024



Said Business School, Oxford University

The QS Business Master’s Rankings 2024 includes the QS master’s in finance rankings which shows the 204 institutions which are ranked among the world’s best for master’s in finance degrees. These include 65 institutions in the US and 30 in the UK. 

The rankings are assessed based on a methodology that looks at five metrics: value for money, thought leadership, employability, diversity and alumni outcomes. Click here to learn more about the methodology

Read on as we discover the top 10 business schools for master’s degrees in finance. 

QS Business Master’s Rankings – Top 10 universities for master's in finance degrees 





HEC Paris 



Oxford (Said) 

United Kingdom 

London Business School 

United Kingdom 

MIT (Sloan) 

United States 

UC Berkeley (Haas) 

United States 

Cambridge (Judge) 

United Kingdom 

ESSEC Business School 


London School of Economics 

United Kingdom 

UCLA (Anderson) 

United States 


Bocconi University 


10. Bocconi University

Bocconi University is ranked 10th this year and is the only Italian entry to the top 10. It receives an almost perfect score in the value for money indicator, ranked 16th in the world for this, but also does very well for thought leadership where it ranks eighth. 

Bocconi University was founded in 1902 and is an internationally respected research university specialising in the fields of business, economics, and law. Bocconi University maintains a very close working relationship with a variety of large corporations as well as other institutions to make sure that its students have the best career prospects possible after graduation. 

9. UCLA (Anderson)

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Ranked ninth this year is UCLA (Anderson) with its highest score for alumni outcomes, ranked joint fourth for this indicator alongside Oxford (Said) Business School. It also scored well for value for money, thought leadership and employability. 

The Anderson Business School at UCLA was founded in 1935 and funded by local businessman John Anderson who used to receive a scholarship in order to play hockey at the university. The contributions he and his family have made to the Anderson school over many years have been numerous and very generous. The Anderson Business School has three core pillars: ‘share success, think fearlessly and drive change.’ 

8. London School of Economics and Political Science

UK Universities

Rising one place this year to rank eighth is London School of Economics. It receives its highest score in the thought leadership indicator, suggesting the school’s position at the cutting edge of innovation. 

The London School of Economics was established in 1895 and was one of the only schools open to women, men and people from overseas. It initially specialised in subjects such as economics, statistics, commerce, commercial geography, commercial history, commercial and industrial law, currency and banking, taxation and finance and political science. While the university has changed greatly overtime, it’s aim to understand and advance the UK economy remains the same. 

=6. ESSEC Business School


ESSEC Business School is ranked seventh this year. It earned a perfect score in the value for money indicator, a near perfect score for alumni outcomes and is also highly ranked in the thought leadership where it ranks 12th overall. 

ESSEC aims to be a pioneer in education which approaches modern business problems with a unique pedagogical approach in order to create innovative solutions. It creates a multicultural dialogue in the financial world through its connections with international companies and businesses. 

=6. The University of Cambridge (Judge)

University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Ranked sixth is Cambridge Judge Business School. It received a perfect score in the employability indicator and also did very well in alumni outcomes and thought leadership. 

Cambridge Judge aims to create world leaders through their cutting-edge research. Their interdisciplinary teachings create students who have a wide range of knowledge about the world of business and finance and are experienced in applying their knowledge in order to solve problems. 

5. UC Berkeley (Haas)

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Rising two places in the rankings this year is UC Berkeley (Haas) which has come fifth this year. It ranks very highly for both value for money (7th for this indicator) and alumni outcomes (joint 11th for this indicator). 

UC Berkeley Haas Business School is the second oldest in the US, founded in 1898. It encourages its students to question the world around them and find innovative solutions to problems. It’s alumni and faculty community, which includes to Nobel Laureates, is committed to creating the future of business and economics. 

4. MIT (Sloan)

In fourth this year is MIT (Sloan) which received a perfect score in the alumni outcomes as well as ranking very highly for employability: sixth in the world for this indicator. 

MIT Sloan School of Management is focused on producing business solutions to causes that matter, contributing to struggling economies and enabling communities to make improvements to important causes. Students are offered hands-on, real-world opportunities to gain knowledge and start making a difference. 

3. London Business School

London Business School

The first entry to the top three this year is London Business School which ranks third overall. It received a perfect score for alumni outcomes and scores very highly in employability, also ranking third in the world for this indicator. 

London Business School’s teachings are founded in challenging the traditional ideas of business and creating change. It has two campuses, one in London and one in Dubai, which allows its students to be a part of an international community, gives them a holistic view of different economies and how they interact. 

=1. The University of Oxford (Saïd)

University of Oxford Saïd Business School

Rising one place this year to take the joint top spot is Oxford (Said). Oxford (Said) has scored highly across a number of indicators this year. It has received a perfect score for employability and an almost perfect score for both value for money and alumni outcomes. 

Formally founded in 1994, Oxford Said Business School began offering MBA courses in a range of business and economics related subjects. Today, the school offers 15 degree programmes and is working to open a new Global Leadership Centre where students can learn from international business professionals and gain world class knowledge and experiences. 

=1. HEC Paris

masters in marketing

In joint first place this year, and remaining in first place for the second year in a row, is HEC Paris. It received a perfect score in both the value for money and alumni outcomes indicators, revealing the quality of teaching that prospective students can expect for their money. 

HEC Paris’s teachings are based in world-leading research which aims to create a new generation of business leaders. Their work with international businesses and other universities allows students to engage with a diverse business community and gain new perspectives on a variety of topics within their field of study. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a master's in finance degree?

A master’s degree in finance is a postgraduate qualification that supplies a student with more knowledge on finances, the economy and business and also allows them to conduct their own research project on the financial world which will be more extensive than the work that they were given the opportunity to do at undergraduate level. 

2. What can you do with a master's in finance degree?

There are a variety of careers that a person who has studied finance can pursue. These include: 

  • Financial analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Chartered accountant
  • Financial advisor
  • Actuary
  • Financial trader
  • Stockbroker
  • Commercial banker
  • Licensed conveyer

For more information on the possible career options for someone who has graduated with a master’s in finance, click here

3. Which master's degree is best for finance

The universities ranked joint first for master's in finance degrees are HEC Paris and Oxford (Said). However, the specific content of a master’s in finance degree will vary somewhat depending on the institution. Maybe a student will have a specific area of interest for their studies, or they might have a specific career path in mind and so studying certain topics within the subject area will be more important. It is important to do as much research as possible on your course before applying to any university. 

 4. How can I find out about a specific master's in finance degree?

Usually, information can be found on the university website as they will have a webpage describing every course on offer. If this information is insufficient, there will be contact details for the university available where you will be able to ask for more information. 

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