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All the Different Ways to Celebrate the Sports-Related Subject Rankings

All The Different Ways to Celebrate The Sports-Related Subject Rankings main image

On Wednesday March 8, the QS World University Rankings by Subject will feature a ranking of the top 100 universities for sports-related subjects for the first time ever.

It means that, after years in the academic wilderness, anyone studying sports sciences, sports studies, kinesiology, sports psychology or sports management will finally be able to brag about how good their uni is to the rest of the world.

Given how much anyone on one of those courses must love sports, we're expecting some wild scenes of celebration on Wednesday, especially at the universities lucky enough to make the top 10. So, no pressure sports students of the world: this needs to be big. If there aren't backflips, salt baes and dabs happening at 100 different universities on Wednesday then we're going to be very, very disappointed.

Not sure how you'll mark the occasion? Don't worry, here are a few celebration ideas to get you started.

The cheerleader 



Pros: Relatively easy to do, inspires people to join in if done correctly 

Cons: Does require you to be surrounded by cheerleaders, people might just think you're doing star jumps

The prize fish


Pros: Have you seen it? It's hilarious

Cons: You don't want to be the one flopping around on the floor

The scream


Pros: All you have to do is run and scream, it's not difficult

Cons: It's terrifying, someone will definitely call campus security on you

The dab


Pros: It's the only celebration you can do while sneezing

Cons: Even your parents have probably dabbed by now, it's not original

The secret handshake dab


Pros: It's the dab, but more awesome

Cons: I guarantee one of you will forget how the secret handshake goes

Salt bae


Pros: It's the new dab, ideal if you've got some food that needs seasoning

Cons: People that don't know what it is will be really, really confused

The double backflip


Pros: Technically more impressive than just doing one backflip

Cons: Technically more difficult than just doing one backflip

Whatever this is


On second thoughts...don't do that.

(Lead image: Wikimedia Commons)

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