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Top UK universities perform poorly in controversial new ranking main image
University News
22 Jun 2017

Three Russell Group universities are only awarded bronze status in the UK government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

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Over Half of Italian Students Plan to Keep Studying After Graduation main image

A new survey of over 7,000 Italian students found almost 60% are willing to continue studying after graduation instead of starting work immediately.

Economics Graduates are Paid the Highest Salaries main image

Economics graduates earn more than any other students according to new statistics from the UK’s Department of Education.

University College London Targeted by Ransomware Hackers main image

UCL has shut down email systems after an attempted “major” ransomware attack by suspected hackers.

The Maddest Moments from the UK Election Results Night main image

This is what happens when everyone on Twitter decides to stay up all night watching the election results rather than going to bed...

UK Election 2017: Was it the Youth Wot Won It? main image

As Theresa May’s election gamble backfires, many are speculating whether a higher-than-usual youth turnout was responsible for an unexpected surge in Labour votes.