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Why is There Never Any Space in the University Library? main image
University News
03 Jan 2020

Can’t get a seat in the library? You’re not the only one – but have you ever been told to study on a boat? Read on to find out why…


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How Will Technology Change the University Experience for Students? main image

Technology and education go hand in hand today. That's why events like Re:Imagine are so important in understand the future of education.

Nearly Half of Students are Stressed at UK Universities  main image

The results of NatWest’s latest Student Living Index 2019 show that stress levels are high, and students need more support. Find out more.

Labour Want To Abolish Predicted A-Level Grades: Is it a Good Idea? main image

With Labour announcing a new plan where university applications happen after grades are published, we explore whether or not it is actually a good idea.

NUS Reveals Shocking Scale of Sexual Violence at UK Universities main image

A new report by NUS demonstrates how common sexual harassment and violence are at UK institutions. Read more.

How Much Do International Students Bring to the UK Economy? main image

The UK is considering more post-study work visa restrictions, but how much do international students actually bring to the economy?