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Should You Consider an Education Agency?

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Guest blogger: Aneta Dolinska 

Education agencies are available all over the world and offer a help with university applications. They often provide great support while searching for a degree abroad. Many of them have years of experience and know which courses will suit you best, as well as having an understanding of different locations worldwide. But is it necessary to apply through an agency? Read through some of the benefits below to see whether this is the right option for you.

Years of knowledge and experience

 Most education agencies have lots of experience and are very knowledgeable about the application process. If you clearly inform the agency about your study expectations, they will help you to choose the right place for you. They will recommend a location and a course that you will enjoy. However, do not forget to mention your expectations in order to avoid disappointment. For example, if you would love to study in the US and have a vision that all the US cities are like New York with a very dynamic lifestyle, you are wrong. Many universities in the US are located in small towns and the lifestyle is much quieter in comparison to the big cities. Therefore, communication with the agency plays an important role.

Education agencies are also trained by universities in the application process and they should know exactly what documents you need in order to speed up your application. If applying on your own, you may face some difficulties. If you fail to provide all the required documents, the university will not continue the evaluation process until they will receive all the information they need from you.

Well-established relationships with universities

 Many agencies help to recruit students for universities they have partnered with. One advantage of these relationships is that the agency is able to tell you much faster whether your application has been successful or not. If you start your course and you’re not happy with it, the agency may be able to help you negotiate with the university so you can transfer to a different course. Some education agencies also provide continuous support while you are studying.

Help with accommodation and transport arrangements

Many agencies offer to help students with transport and accommodation arrangements. Although transport can be arranged very quickly, do not leave your accommodation application to the last minute. In very popular study destinations, the student halls are often booked early by domestic students, and if wait too long the university will not be able to guarantee a place for you. This can be an issue for students who require a visa, as this can delay the process. Therefore, it can be helpful to discuss your options with the agency.

Visa application support

If you are traveling to study abroad for the first time and your stay will require a student visa, the agency can help you with the visa application and interview preparation. Each country has different visa policies. These policies can sometimes change very quickly. Education agencies are aware of these changes and will be able to support you throughout the visa process.

Search for a good quality service

 Many education agencies provide a high-quality service, but there are also those that do not. When you will search for an agency, be very careful and ask your friends or family for recommendations. Don’t just apply through any agency. Studying abroad is a huge life decision, and you don’t want to be disappointed. Make sure you choose an agency that will take the time to find the best options for you, and support you throughout each stage.

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Written by Aneta Dolinska
Originally from the Czech Republic, Aneta holds a BA in Marketing, Design and Communication from Nottingham Trent University, and is studying an MSc in Project Management at Northumbria University Newcastle. She is passionate about travelling and exploring new places and cultures, as well as studying foreign languages. Aneta has three years' work experience as an educational counsellor, advising international students about their studies in the UK, US and Canada. 

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