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Study in Italy: International Students’ Reviews

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International students consider Italy a great country for international study experience. Almost 7,000 students worldwide shared their impressions about studying in universities in Europe, on the world’s largest database of international student experiences, Their comments were evaluated as part of the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014. Out of all reviewers, 352 students shared 859 comments about what it was like to study in Italy. Students rated their experience with an overall grade of 8.4 out of 10. These student impressions are a great opportunity to get insights into the quality of programs offered at universities Italy, helping students worldwide to decide on their international study destination.

Twelve universities in Italy received awards based on positive student experiences. The University of Padua received first place and the “Certificate for Excellent International Student Satisfaction 2014”. It was followed by the University of Siena, which also received an award for excellent international student satisfaction. The University of Bologna was placed third with a certificate of “very good” international student satisfaction, together with a further nine Italian universities.

ItalyWhat are the benefits of study in Italy?

Most international students’ comments refer to the beautiful Italian cities and the rich social life in the country. Many were impressed by the overall cultural experience and the famous heritage sites in the country, as well as the old and prestigious universities. Students enjoyed travelling through the country, meeting people, making new friends and discovering different parts of Italy. They were pleased with the international atmosphere and the resulting cultural exchange. There are also positive comments about the events organized in the cities and the various opportunities to have fun, including carnivals, parties and winter sports activities in the mountains.   

“In the city, there was often some event, so we had many possibilities to have fun, or travel. Our accommodation was also good. For me, the most important was that I met a lot of people from different cultures. I could practice my language skills and it helped me to grow up more.” – student from Slovakia

“Milan is a big, fantastic city with a lot of events during the entire year, such as design week or fashion week. It is a place full of students (Italian and international). Around Milan, there are many places worth visiting, and it is very close to the mountains (for skiers and snowboarders). Politecnico di Milano offers high-level studies. Many courses are delivered in English. The university organizes a great number of interesting workshops and lectures/presentations.” – student from Poland

Generally, students find academic standards in Italy satisfying, and are happy with the self-development of their study experience. It can be seen in the comments that many students are proud of studying in prestigious universities that are internationally well-known. The country offers a lot of opportunities to learn the Italian language, and some universities in Italy offer English-taught courses. When commenting on accommodation, students are generally pleased with their living conditions.

“I would recommend it because it is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is full of culture, the building you study in is beautiful, the teachers are mostly very nice and most of them are helpful. Other than law, there is a possibility to study in English.” – student from Hungary

Verona, Italy“Students there are really nice, everyone helpful and opened, and the level of the courses is just right – they demand a lot giving a lot of possibilities to gain knowledge.” – student from Poland 

“The University of Verona has a quite good educational level. The teachers I have been in contact with are motivated and professional, and the region, the city and the country itself offers an exchange student the possibility to discover a world full of history, traditions, arts and beauty.”student from Romania

The downsides of studying in Italy

A large proportion of students coming to study in Italy were not very pleased with the academic level in some Italian universities. Many complained in particular about the language of instruction, while some also found exams and courses confusing or unsatisfying. They also wished they had received more help from teachers and university staff. However, students enrolled in smaller classes gave considerably better teacher reviews. Because of the low level of English at some universities in Italy, it is recommended that students planning to study in Italy have some general knowledge of the Italian language in order to better communicate with their professors. In spite of some accommodation problems and higher costs in bigger cities, students generally agree that the cultural experience in Italy was well worth the minor inconveniences.

For more information about the International Student Satisfaction Awards and universities in Italy, visit the StudyPortals country profile. Prospective international students planning to study in Italy can also find and compare over 350 master’s programs taught in English in Italy, as well as a selection of English-taught bachelor’s programs.

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