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mother's day
29 Mar 2019
They’ve made a name for themselves as inspiring entrepreneurs, but which celebrity business tycoons also happen to be great mothers?
9 Inspiring Quotes from Entrepreneurs main image
29 Nov 2016
Do you have what it takes to be the next big game-changer? Get inspired with these 9 inspirational quotes from famous entrepreneurs.
4 World-Famous Business Entrepreneurs Who Overcame the Odds main image
25 Nov 2016
Feeling overwhelmed? Get inspired by these 4 famous business entrepreneurs who succeeded despite facing huge personal challenges.
TOPUNIVERSITIES entrepreneurship by date
Where Did the World's Top Entrepreneurs Study? main image
17 Nov 2016
Where did it all begin? Find out where the world’s top entrepreneurs went to university! 
How to SEED Successful Student Start-ups main image
31 Mar 2016
Keen to develop your ideas into business opportunities? Follow these four steps to growing a successful student start-up.
5 Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking main image
11 Aug 2015
Want to get better at creative thinking and innovation? Follow these 5 tips, based on recipes that have worked for successful innovators.
5 Essential Business Skills for Work in Startups main image
19 Mar 2015
Want to work in the dynamic startup sector? Make sure you choose a business degree covering these five essential skills.
How to Make Money Out of Your Hobbies main image
11 Mar 2015
Want to earn some extra money alongside your studies? Find out how to turn your hobbies into potential sources of income.