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5 Crazy Job Interview Challenges (& How to Beat Them) main image
09 Dec 2016
From on-the-spot performances to the silent treatment – make sure you’re prepared in advance for these crazy job interview challenges!
10 Terrible Job Interview Mistakes main image
02 Dec 2016
Got a job interview coming up? Here are 10 ways to make sure you definitely DON’T get the job…
6 Things You Should NEVER Say in a Job Interview main image
21 Nov 2016
Preparing for a job interview? Watch out for these prospect-destroying phrases – and don’t let them pass your lips!
TOPUNIVERSITIES interviews by date
How to Talk About Transferable Skills in Job Interviews main image
30 Sep 2016
Make sure you show off your transferrable skills to the max at your next job interview, with these five simple but effective tips.
What NOT to Say in a Job Interview main image
07 Mar 2016
Got some job interviews coming up? Make sure you don’t ruin your chances by saying any of these six things!
How to Survive an Interview at Imperial College London main image
12 Jun 2015
Find out what to expect from an admission interview at Imperial College London, from a student who’s successfully survived the experience.
How to Survive Your First Job Interview main image
13 May 2015
Worried about that first job interview? Follow these five steps to calm your nerves and make a good first impression.
How to Ace Your Next Job Interview main image
09 Mar 2015
Preparing for a job interview? Follow these four steps to success, from optimizing your online presence to making a good first impression on the day.