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5 Crazy Job Interview Challenges (& How to Beat Them) main image
09 Dec 2016
From on-the-spot performances to the silent treatment – make sure you’re prepared in advance for these crazy job interview challenges!
10 Terrible Job Interview Mistakes main image
02 Dec 2016
Got a job interview coming up? Here are 10 ways to make sure you definitely DON’T get the job…
6 Things You Should NEVER Say in a Job Interview main image
21 Nov 2016
Preparing for a job interview? Watch out for these prospect-destroying phrases – and don’t let them pass your lips!
TOPUNIVERSITIES interviews by date
What NOT to Say in an Admissions Interview main image
09 Apr 2013
Seven sentences to avoid during your admissions interview!
How to Survive an Oxbridge Interview main image
07 Mar 2013
Successful Oxbridge applicant Florence shares some Oxbridge interview advice.
Interview Dos and Don'ts (and Daisy) main image
06 Mar 2012
Laura's words of wisdom on interview dos and don'ts - for university admissions or for jobs.