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10 Books That Let You Travel the World From Your Bedroom main image
23 Apr 2020
Looking for some literary escapism? Find out some of the best travel books to transport you...
10 Most Beautiful Places in Latin America main image
31 Oct 2018
Don’t miss these 10 beautiful places to see during your study abroad experience in Latin America.
What to Decide Before You Go Traveling After University main image
16 Mar 2018
Planning on seeing the world after graduation? Holly Read shares her travel tips.
TOPUNIVERSITIES travel by date
Best Places to Visit in the US main image
18 Aug 2017
Fancy a trip to the US? Find out which destinations should be at the top of your list. Warning: may cause wanderlust…
How to Earn Money While You Travel main image
28 Jun 2017
Traveling the world is amazing, but can also be expensive. Follow these tips to find work and earn money while you travel and keep your bank balance in the black.
Seven Things You Can Do to Make the Most of Your Commute  main image
07 Apr 2017
The average UK commute lasts over an hour and a half. Rather than going to sleep, make the most of your journey by every day by trying one of these things.
7 Things You Can’t Do While Studying Abroad main image
27 Oct 2016
There are lots of things you CAN do while studying abroad – but a few things that are off-limits too. Check out our infographic…
7 Reasons to Take Part in a Medical Gap Year Project main image
26 Sep 2016
Considering a medical placement abroad? Check out these 7 reasons to complete a medical gap year project.