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TOPUNIVERSITIES volunteering by date
How to Help Others Who Are Less Fortunate This Christmas main image
03 Dec 2019
Discover how to make a real difference this Christmas by taking the time to help those in need with these selfless acts.
8 Important Things You'll Learn While Volunteering Abroad main image
05 Jul 2017
Volunteering abroad will change your life for the better. Here are eight reasons why you should give it a go
How Students Can Get Involved in Global Events main image
09 Feb 2015
Follow these tips to getting involved in global events like the Olympics during your time at university.
TOPUNIVERSITIES volunteering by date
4 Steps for a Successful Student Project main image
03 Nov 2014
Want to use your creativity and intellect to contribute to good causes while you study? Follow these steps for a successful student project.
Why Student Volunteering? main image
19 Mar 2013
Four persuasive reasons to get involved in student volunteering at university.
Benefits of a Volunteering Gap Year main image
28 Feb 2013
Florence on why you should consider spending your gap year out volunteering.