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How to Re-Discover Your Inspiration main image
How to Re-Discover Your Inspiration

Struggling to be inspired to complete your university assignments? Here’s how to rekindle that spark.

Which Cult TV Show Character Are You? main image
Take this quiz to find out which cult TV character you are. 


12 of the Best Podcasts to Listen to While in the Bath main image
September 5, 2017 Read on for our carefully curated list of pods to get lost in while soaking in bubbles.  
Five Keys to Summer School Success main image
August 30, 2017 If you're spending time in a summer school program, here's how you can use it to maximize your professional network.
How to Make Friends at University and Escape Your Comfort Zone main image
August 30, 2017 Coming out of your shell at uni isn't easy, but if you do you'll meet people who will be best friends for life. 
We Need to Talk About Post-Graduation Depression main image
August 29, 2017 It’s natural to feel down after you’ve graduated. Read about my experience of post-graduation blues, and how to get out of the slump.
How to Prepare for Your Final Year at Uni main image
August 25, 2017 The last year of university can be really intense, with dissertations and group projects taking up a lot of time and energy. Here's how to get prepared.