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short stories
6 of the Best Short Stories & Novels to Help Beat Exam Stress

Are exams getting the better of you? Here’s a list of some of the best short stories and novels to help you unwind during exam season.

7 Time Management Tips for Students main image
Want to improve your time management at university? Follow these 7 tips to make...


Which Universities are Tackling Climate Change? main image
May 9, 2019 Find out which universities are doing their bit to stop climate change with innovative sustainability practices.
PhD Funding Around the World main image
May 7, 2019 Looking for ways to finance a PhD? Get advice on sources of PhD funding around the world.
10 Ways to Beat Homesickness Whilst Studying Abroad main image
April 29, 2019
by Carly W.
Don’t let homesickness tamper your enjoyment while you study abroad – find out what failsafe activities you can do to overcome it.
low self esteem
April 26, 2019 Is your low self-esteem getting the better of you at university? Try out these easy tips to help build your confidence and increase your sense of self-worth.
April 16, 2019 Think Easter is all about chocolate eggs and bunnies? Think again…