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Business Degrees

In a challenging economic climate and in the midst of a boom, graduates of business degrees are in high demand among a wide range of employers. You may be taking a first degree or returning to university to enhance your skills and move your career up a level, looking for a foundation in the core principles of international business or a deeper specialization in one particular market or role. Whatever your situation and career goals, there’s bound to be a business degree to match.

Key Skills

Business key skills

Common skills gained from a business degree include:

  • Excellent numeracy
  • At least basic-level financial analysis – constructing and interpreting balance sheets
  • General IT skills; proficiency in software such as Excel and PowerPoint, as well as specialist software
  • General research skills
  • Self-management and independent learning, including planning and meeting deadlines
  • Professional communication, spoken and written
  • Ability to present ideas logically and critically
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Data analysis
  • Ability to be self-critical
  • Ability to identify causes, trends and patterns and knowing how to capitalize on trends
  • Knowledge of current global markets