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Finance Degrees

Finance degrees are often offered in conjunction with a related subject, such as accounting, business or economics. Indeed, finance is part of the interconnected FAME group of subjects (finance, accounting, management and economics), which are some of the most popular courses at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Essentially, finance is concerned with the management of money – obviously a subject of significant importance for all areas of society and business! As a result, if you study finance you will be prepared for a broad range of finance careers, within many types of organizations.

Key Skills

Common skills gained during a finance degree include:

  • Ability to understand and manipulate numerical and statistical data
  • Ability to analyze different types of information
  • Ability to communicate findings clearly
  • Understanding of range of current business practices
  • Understanding of stock markets, trade and investment
  • Understanding of different types of financial instruments
  • Understanding of different types of financial products and services
  • Knowledge of relevant national and international regulations
  • Time management, organization and professional communication
  • Intermediate level IT skills
  • Ability to plan and make wise investments
  • Ability to control costs and to raise funds