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Masters in Finance

A Masters in Finance could be a stepping stone to one of the most sought-after careers in the international business and finance sectors. Whatever the economic climate, there is always huge worldwide demand for experts in fields such as banking, fund management, multinational companies, securities firms and financial consultancy.

Whether you’re a finance professional looking to widen your skill base or a recent graduate eager to continue your education, a Masters in Finance could provide the knowledge you need to get the career in finance you want.

Key Skills

Common skills gained with a master's degree in finance include:

  • Understanding of financial practices, principles and industry
  • Strong foundation in the theoretical aspects of finance
  • Knowledge and understanding of a variety of business organizations
  • Broad knowledge of the finance sector
  • Enhanced research skills – potentially allowing you to proceed to a PhD program
  • Enhanced technical, numerical and quantitative skills and techniques
  • Increased knowledge of global issues and access to global financial companies and industries
  • Foreign language skills – particularly if you study international finance
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including preparation and delivery of professional reports and presentations
  • Ability to argue a case and negotiate
  • Management skills
  • Entrepreneurship skills