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Leisure and Tourism Degrees

Careers in the leisure and tourism sectors are hugely varied – from managing a sports center or luxury hotel, to organizing adventure holidays or managing the logistics for a major exhibition. University courses in the field are equally diverse, allowing students to master the professional skills needed for success in leisure and tourism careers, as well as gaining specialized knowledge and, often, relevant practical experience.

One thing all leisure and tourism careers have in common is a focus on people, hospitality and customer service. To be successful in a leisure and tourism role, you'll generally need to be able to communicate effectively with all kinds of people, juggle multiple tasks and challenges, stay calm under pressure, think on your feet, and get a kick out of making sure others are having a good time. Sound like you? Read on to find out more about specializations and careers in this field.

Key Skills

Common skills gained from a leisure and tourism degree include:

  • Professional communication, spoken and written
  • General IT skills
  • Self-management, including planning and meeting deadlines
  • Team work
  • Flexibility and use of initiative
  • Problem solving
  • Organization and forward planning
  • Specialist knowledge of particular industry/location/language