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Master of Laws (LLM Degrees)

For aspiring lawyers, a graduate law degree is a common way to learn the specialized skills and knowledge needed to compete for professional roles in the sector. Although a graduate degree is not a necessity for all legal careers (outside of the US at least), those who study law at graduate level may find it easier to circumvent the entry-level jobs market in favor of more specialized law careers and competitive training contracts in legal firms. 

Key Skills

Common skills gained from a law degree include:

  • Sound knowledge of legal matters, policy, theories and case studies
  • Understanding of contemporary business, politics, sociology and ethics
  • Specialist knowledge in a particular area of law (e.g. maritime law)
  • Legal research and writing abilities
  • Analytical skill
  • Critical evaluation
  • Logical thinking
  • Command of technical language
  • Experience and skills in mooting
  • Ability to draft legal documents
  • Time management
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills