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How I found my dream university in the United States

By Laura Lightfinch

Updated March 27, 2023 Updated March 27, 2023

When Keralan student Bibil Jose finished his BSc in Mechanical Engineering, he realised he wouldn’t have enough training for the career he wanted to pursue in core mechanics and would need to study a master’s degree in a more niche engineering field.  

Bibil hadn’t previously considered a master’s degree in this depth and felt overwhelmed by the different paths he could take. “Mechanical engineering is a vast area with many divisions to choose from,” he said, “and I felt confused about which programme to pursue from thousands of options around the world.”  

Keen to travel overseas and gain a reputable international education, Bibil decided to reach out for guidance from an education counsellor who helped him to narrow down his options and understand everything he needed to apply to his chosen institutions.  

Working with QS Counsellors, Bibil was able to decide on an MS in Industrial Engineering and chose to apply to institutions in the United States, where top-ranked universities have strong connections with the engineering industry.  

Bibil said: “The QS Counsellors were a huge help from the very beginning. When I felt overwhelmed about the options available, it was my counsellor who helped me to clarify my goals and see that an industrial engineering programme would be best suited for my future. 

With the help of an educational counsellor, Bibil felt the application process was made smoother and he didn’t face much difficulty in submitting the relevant documents. 

He said: “I didn’t know what I’d need for the visa application and interview, but I received a lot of help from my QS Counsellor, who provided a useful checklist and interview preparation techniques which meant I was ready for every question that might be thrown my way.” 

Bibil went through a handful of mock interviews with QS before he had to complete the real ones, which he said boosted his confidence so he could perform at his best. 

Having worked with QS to research the most prestigious universities for industrial engineering, he chose to apply to Arizona State University.  

“Getting into a prestigious university was my first step and I’m thankful I was able to find a great university by working with QS,” said Bibil. “At Arizona State University, there are many opportunities for me to get involved. The university has many ties with big engineering companies and the student services on campus are excellent, too. 

“Studying at ASU is amazing and I’m really happy about my choice. I have freedom to interact with my professors and learn as much as I can from them. I feel supported by the university in every way.” 

For students looking to study in the United States, Bibil recommends that you start preparations early. “I had to take a skills test and an English language exam to apply for my programmes and I can recommend taking them early so the application process is as easy as possible for you.  

“When I was searching for universities, I had a lot of doubts about where to study, which degree to choose and where I’d gain the most job opportunities. Researching online can feel overwhelming as there is so much information and it’s hard to know what to trust. With an education counsellor by my side to help me make sense of it all, I felt much more confident about finding the right path for me.”  

This article was originally published in March 2023 .

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