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How to Prepare for Taking the GMAT

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If you're considering studying for an MBA, there's an extremely good chance that at some point you'll be required to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (otherwise known as GMAT). Consisting of four sections of numeracy and literacy questions, the GMAT is an extremely intense test of your ability and doing well it in requires weeks, if not months, of practice and study.

While there are no shortage of online resources to help you prepare for the GMAT, knowing which are the best to use can be an impossible task. Fortunately for you, we've compiled a list of the best GMAT prep websites and courses out there. So, consider this your one-stop shop for acing the GMAT and getting the MBA of your dreams. It really is that easy.

GMAT prep websites

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep uploads weekly articles analyzing each section of the GMAT in great detail. The blog is contributed to by a large network of instructors, students and consultants who all know their stuff and is both informative and occasionally humorous, injecting an element of fun into often mundane study. It's ideal for anyone who is already familiar with the basics of GMAT prep and wants to expand on their knowledge.

GMAT Tutor Blog

For anyone with too many GMAT queries in their head but not enough people around to answer them, this GMAT blog run by The Economist is your answer. You're able to submit questions to the website which are then replied to by experts in the GMAT field and featured on the website. The blog also runs regular self-help articles for people struggling with study and provides a regular newsletter detailing a roundup of the best GMAT prep blog articles and product news available from the website.


Prepping for the GMAT can be a lonely time for applicants. If the solitary confinement is becoming too much for you, then sign up to the GMAT Club and connect with other prospective MBA students online. The site features forums, free test materials and video content that users can comment on and engage with. The site is very popular with MBA applicants and has over 149,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook – a lot of people to connect with next time you're lonely in the library.


Our sister site is a quality source of admissions information – if we do say so ourselves. Aside from basic GMAT prep articles, it also features content for anyone wishing to hone their interests and focus on particular areas of GMAT study. It aims to provide the best GMAT prep possible by providing helpful articles from academics, students and test prep experts from around the globe on a regular basis.

Beat the GMAT

This website draws on the experiences of the most ambitious MBA applicants who can already boast impressive GMAT scores. Users from around the world upload personal stories of how they scored 700 or higher on their GMAT test and proceed to brag, provide helpful assistance or write smugly about how they achieved such high scores. Beware of excessive self-congratulation and competition on this forum – it is not a site for the faint-hearted, or for applicants lacking in confidence in the early stages of their GMAT prep.

GMAT prep online courses

KAPLAN Test Plan

For students with cash to spare, it could be worth paying out for one of KAPLAN’s in-depth GMAT prep courses. KAPLAN offers a range of classes, from private face-to-face lessons priced at US$2,599 to prerecorded self-paced online lessons priced at US$799. If students are feeling particularly confident about their scores then paying for these GMAT prep courses may not be necessary, but they could be extremely beneficial for applicants who require a little more guidance and assistance before undertaking the examination. They run offers, such as an annual summer sale, during which applicants can save up to US$200 on GMAT prep courses.

Empower GMAT

Empower is one of the more affordable GMAT prep courses out there. Study sessions are all taken online for the relatively reasonable price of US$99 per month. The websites offers multiple platforms for learning with lessons and tips being relayed through podcasts, videos, documents and immersive lessons. The success of the course is evidenced by the volume of success stories that the website features in its records. Applicants can sign up to the service at any time and receive all their learning materials instantly – handy for anyone in a hurry to cram one last month of revision into their schedule.


Magoosh offers one of the most affordable GMAT prep courses online. Currently, the website offers mathematical and verbal reasoning courses at US$79 each and an all-inclusive ‘Premium’ course for $99. Study options are split into different sections so that applicants don't have to pay the full fee if they only need assistance in specific areas. Users receive video lessons, email correspondence with tutors, practice questions and one year’s worth of access to the Magoosh website once they have registered.

Manhattan Review online GMAT course

This course offers a more interactive service than the other courses listed here. Classes are not prerecorded but are conducted in real-time on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so you can be more involved with the learning process. Applicants also benefit from the added advantage of interacting with their professors and classmates instantaneously during live lectures. Tutors are available daily throughout the whole week to assist anyone who has issues relating to their GMAT prep. Prices for the Manhattan Review courses vary between US$890 and US$990, while private online tuition costs US$1590.

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