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How QS LEAP Can Help You Prepare for University

How QS LEAP Can Help You Prepare for University main image

Over the last few years, QS LEAP has offered free online test prep, for students around the world to use ahead of applying to university. Earlier this year, it won two peer-reviewed awards for “Best Online Test-Prep Platform of the Year” and “Best Education Webinar” Series”.

Following on the heels of these successes, we spoke to head of product, Soumik Ganguly, to learn more about how the platform’s access to GMAT experts is helping candidates with their university applications.

Pictured: the QS Leap team with their awards

Congratulations on QS LEAP’s recent successes. For those who haven’t used it yet, what can QS LEAP do for them?

QS LEAP provides guided and learning adaptive test prep that can be freely accessed by anyone who is looking at international mobility or would be aspiring to apply at undergraduate, post-graduate or MBA programs at leading universities that accept test scores of the GMAT, GRE, SAT and LSAT.

It was created to ensure that anyone with access to the internet can now prepare through one of the most advanced test prep platforms in the world, covering all learning bases and with regular classes from tutors who are committed to the same vision. Almost everyone who has used the complete prep at QSLEAP has gone onto score very high in their final tests.

What else can students use QS LEAP for?

Along with personal prep, QSLEAP also has synchronous prep in the form of free classes. These classes are delivered by excellent tutors, and candidates who need inputs on specific areas of a topic can attend these sessions. We then keep a track of how these candidates progress, which is a measurement of learning effectiveness.

We’ve also included nifty tools into the QSLEAP ecosystem that help candidates in school selection, admissions counselling, and application building. Our application portfolio allows candidates to see their competitive rank among others who are interested in applying to the same program, view their match percentage, and monitor their progress over a certain period of time. This allows them to make better application choices.

Which elements of QS LEAP are the most popular with students?

The test prep is definitely the most popular element. Progressively, there is a lot of demand and good feedback for the free classes that we’re running for candidates. Admissions webinars also get a lot of attendance and therefore generate value for our registered users.

QS LEAP has recently won awards at the 8th Indian Education Awards 2018 and the Edtechreview. What were these for, and how will these awards positively impact users of QS LEAP?

The Edtechreview award was for the best online test prep platform of the year and was a recognition of our learning framework and outcomes. Our second award, for best education webinar series, was awarded at the Indian Education Awards earlier this month and recognized the free classes we’ve been running.

These awards motivate us to stay obsessively focused in creating value for candidates through better learning experiences and outcomes. To that end, we’re currently working on integrating artificial intelligence to deliver content to candidates when they’re preparing. The artificial intelligence will also be able to interact with candidates who are stuck at different milestones and give them tutoring inputs to push them through to the next level.

We’re excited and deeply committed to adding immense value to candidates from across the world in their journey. We want to help them break biases, break bottlenecks, and eradicate anything that is currently stopping them from claiming the careers and lifestyles they deserve.

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