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6 of the Best Jobs with a Master in Quantitative Finance

By Laura Bridgestock

Updated February 18, 2021 Updated February 18, 2021

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Want to study quantitative finance at university, but not sure where exactly a course in the subject would lead? The folks running emlyon’s Specialised Program in Quantitative Finance are here to help, with a rundown of six of the best jobs their graduates frequently move into.

1. Risk manager

The job in a nutshell

Risk managers (AKA risk technicians bumped up to a managerial role) advise organizations and businesses on any existing risks to their profits, identifying and evaluating possible threats and setting up contingency plans. Risk managers may specialize in technology risk, business continuity, markets and corporate governance (and a number of other areas).

Salary potential

After one to six years of experience in their role, risk managers in the US can expect to earn between US$55,300 and US$127,000, on top of their annual bonuses ranging between US$1,600 to US$25,000.

2. Financial engineer

The job in a nutshell

Financial engineers provide financial analysis to companies, evaluating their products and assets, and suggesting any changes where necessary. Typically employed by banks, investment houses and mutual fund companies, they use their expertise in applied mathematics, statistics and IT to help businesses prosper.

Salary potential

Career duration and city have a major impact on income, with salaries varying between US$54,350 and US$117,500 in the US, with an average salary of US$87,000.

3. Derivatives trader

The job in a nutshell

Derivatives traders are highly specialized stock traders. Simply put, they buy and sell derivatives (financial products that derive their value from their relationship with another asset or cash flow e.g. swaps, futures contracts, employee stock options, exchange traded stock options). Still confused? Why not watch a short video about the complicated financial product here?

Salary potential

With US salaries ranging between US$36,100 and US$131,700 plus bonuses of US$1,500 to US$60,400, it’s fair to say derivatives traders lead prosperous lives.

4. Asset manager

The job in a nutshell

Working in asset management, you would be employed to manage assets (intellectual property, human capital, financial assets and goodwill) on behalf of people and businesses in order to achieve the greatest possible returns.

Salary potential

Earning between US$43,600 and US$109,120, asset managers in the US also enjoy annual bonuses ranging between US$500 and US$24,800.

5. Fund manager

The job in a nutshell

Fund managers handle and supervise funds to maximize returns. You could be working in a number of financial sectors, from banking or a brokerage firm, to insurance or the treasury departments of a large industrial group.

Salary potential

A fund manager in the US makes about US$71,800 a year, up to US$172,000, depending on performance and location.

6. Consultant

The job in a nutshell

Working as a financial consultant, you’d be offering your money management expertise and advice to individuals and businesses in order to guide them toward their desired long-term goals, which might be anything from debt management to growing their investments and savings.

Salary potential

Financial consultants in the US typically earn between US$40,100 and US$107,000, in addition to their hefty bonuses which range between US$40,100 and US$ 20,000…

All salary estimates were sourced from Indeed.com and PayScale.com.

Do any of these jobs sound appealing? Download a brochure about emlyon’s Specialised Program in Quantitative Finance, or attend an information session.

This article was originally published in March 2017 . It was last updated in February 2021

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