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10 Reasons Why Middle Eastern Students Should Study Business Abroad

By Chloe Lane

Updated March 23, 2021 Updated March 23, 2021
  • There are plenty of benefits of studying business abroad as a Middle Eastern student: from preparing yourself to work in an international company to travelling the world. 
  • We explore 10 benefits of studying at a business school abroad. 

Studying business abroad as a Middle Eastern student gives you the chance to study at some of the world’s leading business schools, learn about new cultures and gain valuable international work experience.  

Europe is a popular study destination for students from the Middle East. Located between the Middle East and the US, students can get a taste for the West without travelling too far from home. 

There are many world-renowned business schools in Europe, such as IE Business School in Spain EDHEC Business School in France and Imperial College London in the UK

You can speak directly with admissions officers from these business schools and many more at the QS Virtual Events happening over the next few weeks. 

At these events, you will learn more about the different courses on offer at each school, find out more about funding and attend informative talks. You will also gain access to exclusive QS World Merit Scholarships, worth up to US$5.8 million. 

If you’re considering studying abroad but are still unsure, here are 10 reasons why you should: 

Experience global business hubs  

 Paris business hub

Those looking to study business are often drawn to the world’s major business hubs, such as London, New York CityShanghai and Paris.  

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to live and work in some of these large international cities – many of which feature in the QS Best Student Cities rankings.  

Of course, these cities are also home to some of the world’s most prestigious business schools.  

Whether you’re planning to study at IE Business School in MadridBocconi University in Milan or Hult International Business School in London, studying business abroad will provide countless opportunities to boost your employability, make new friends and experience new cultures.  

Travel to new places 


One of the best parts about studying abroad is being able to explore the surrounding area. Visiting new places can be great for both your personal and professional development. You’ll overcome challenges, meet new friends and develop new skills.  

Many European cities are very closely connected, which means you can travel between them relatively quickly and explore new places easily. A short plane journey – or even train journey – can get you to a completely different country.  

However, even if you decide to study at a business school in a location where cities are quite far apart, such as the University of Texas at Arlington in the US, you can still have fun exploring the area, meeting new people and trying new things. 

Develop an international outlook  


Studying abroad can often help to expand your international outlook. Through your experiences, your peers and your lecturers, you will be introduced to new ways of working and will learn to approach problems in different ways.  

You will meet a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and countries, gaining a broader understanding of different cultures. These skills will be invaluable to your future career when dealing with international clients.  

Learn a new language 

To fully immerse yourself in the study abroad experience, you might want to take the opportunity to learn a new language. While this may seem daunting at first, it's a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and boost your employability.  

Employers at international firms will be looking for graduates who can speak multiple languages as this is a valuable skill when dealing with clients from around the world.   

At the QS Virtual Events, you can find out more about the resources business schools offer to help improve your language skills while studying abroad.  

 Learn to quickly adapt to new environments  

 adapt to new environment

Learning to quickly adapt to new environments is a vital skill in the business world and studying abroad is a great way to boost this skill.  

While studying abroad, you will be living and studying in a different city, encountering new ways of teaching and meeting people from many different backgrounds. You will have to overcome challenges and constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone.  

This will be great preparation for a career in business. It proves to employers that you have experience dealing with the unfamiliar and that you will be able to respond to any situation that may arise.  

Make valuable connections  

Meeting people from all around the world is one of the most common reasons for wanting to study abroad. You will meet lifelong friends and valuable business connections. 

Networking is a great way to gain advice, find out about new opportunities and boost your employability. While studying abroad you should attend events, get to know your lecturers and utilise your school’s career centre – you never know when it might come in useful.  

Complete a work placement  

work placement

Work experience is essential if you want to bag a top graduate job at a respected company. It's a chance to use your business knowledge in a practical setting, working on real-life projects and seeing their results. 

Even if you’ve done a work placement in your home country, completing a work placement abroad is a great way to see how business is different in other countries and how corporate culture differs across different locations.  

Many business schools are in the heart of their city. This gives you nearby access to some of the top internships and graduate training schemes.  

Business schools also often have connections with industry leaders, making it easier for students to find work placements. Their careers services will help to improve your CV and check through any cover letters. 

QS Virtual Events are a great opportunity to ask business schools about their careers services and to find out more about their courses can boost your employability. Sign up for a QS virtual event here

Learn a hands-on approach 

Learning at the heart of a global business hub will enable you to have a hands-on approach to learning business and see it operate in real time.  

Learning in an international environment helps you develop a better understanding of the world’s most pressing global issues in business.  

Be part of a global business network 

global business

By attending a highly esteemed business school, you will become part of a global business network of alumni and students. You will be invited to global events to meet other graduates working in your professional field. 

QS Virtual Events are another great way to meet students and admissions officers from around the world. Sign up for a QS virtual event here

Enhance your CV 

When applying for graduate jobs in business, you’ll need more than a degree to stand out. Having experience studying abroad might be that something extra that puts you ahead of the competition.  

You will pick up plenty of transferable skills while studying abroad including resilience, cultural awareness, adaptability and problem solving. These are all things top employers look for in business graduates. 


QS is offering a range of events for international students over the coming weeks: the QS World Grad School Tour Event,  QS Virtual Masters Event and the QS Virtual MBA event.  

This article was originally published in March 2021 .

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