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International Scholarships for Europe’s Nordic Countries

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Northern Europe is renowned for its style, high living standards and world-class higher education. So, it’s little wonder that the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) are prime destinations for study abroad students.

While higher education in most Nordic countries was free for all up until a few years ago, tuition fees are being gradually introduced. As it stands, only Norway and Iceland remain tuition-fee free to all. As a result, there’s growing demand for international scholarships for this part of the world, and even those looking to study in Iceland or Norway may be able to gain funding to cover living costs and other fees.

Keen to attract talented students from around the world, each of the five Nordic countries offers various scholarship opportunities for international students. Read on for a summary of international scholarships available for study in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


Aarhus, Denmark

Universities in Denmark offer free tuition for Danish students, EU/EEA citizens and exchange students. International students from outside of the EU/EEA are subject to tuition fees and are required to show proof of funding before receiving a residence permit or a place on a Danish university program. Some popular scholarship opportunities for study in Denmark are listed below.

Government scholarships

University-specific scholarships


Reykjavík, Iceland

Tuition fees in Iceland vary depending on whether the university you wish to study at is state or privately owned. While state universities charge just a nominal registration fee for all students, private institutions charge tuition fees, which will be higher for non-EU students. As an example, graduate tuition fees for EU students at Reykjavik University start at €2,800 (approx. US$3,066) per term, while non-EU fees start at €5,500 (approx. US$6,023) per term.

Government scholarships    

Icelandic Government Scholarships – International scholarships for students pursuing studies in the Icelandic language at the University of Iceland.

University-specific scholarships


Helsinki, Finland

Previously free for all students regardless of nationality, Finland has now introduced tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students studying English-taught courses of at least €1,500 per year (approx. US$1,642). However, most students will pay between €4,000 and €20,000 (approx. US$4,380 – 21,905) depending on their course.

Non-EU/EEA students can still study for free if they’re a PhD student or their course is in Finnish or Swedish, and more scholarships are becoming available to help them fund their studies.

Government scholarships

  • Finnish Government Scholarship Pool – Government-funded scholarships for graduate students pursuing doctoral level study in Finland. Open to international students and researchers from selected countries.

University-specific scholarships

For more university-specific scholarships to study in Finland, visit StudyinFinland.fi.


Oslo, Norway

Although all state universities in Norway offer free tuition to both domestic and international students, many students who choose to study in Norway will need to gain some sort of funding to cover the high living costs. Here are a few examples of what’s available:

Government scholarships

  • EEA and Norway Grants – International scholarships for students from selected countries within the EEA, including Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
  • High North Scholarship  Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this program offers scholarships to students from Canada, the US, Japan, South Korea and Russia to study in Norway at selected institutions in Northern Norway.


Stockholm, Sweden

Similar to the rest of the Nordic nations, tuition fees to study in Sweden only apply to students from outside of the EU and EEA. International students should expect to pay SEK80,000-190,000 (~US$8,800-20,940) per year of study for bachelor’s and master’s programs, and even more for medical and fine art subjects. PhD candidates may be happy to note that PhD programs in Sweden are free of charge. To cover any costs for study in Sweden, you may be interested in the following:

Government scholarships

  • Swedish Institute Scholarships – The Swedish Institute (SI) is a government agency which offers scholarship opportunities to international students and researchers looking to study in Sweden. Eligibility criteria varies. 

University-specific scholarships

For more university-specific scholarships to study in Sweden, visit StudyinSweden.se

Other scholarships to study in the Nordic countries:

  • The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Fellowships and Grants – US citizens can also seek funding to study in the Nordic Countries via the ASF.
  • Erasmus Mundus – These scholarships are funded by the European Commission and are on offer to students from around the world who are looking to study abroad in a European country.
  • The Nordic Africa Institute – Scholarships are available for African students with a PhD to take part in Africa-oriented social sciences research at the institute, which is based in Uppsala, Sweden. 

This article was originally published in November 2014. It was last updated in May 2020. 

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Good day, my name is Tumi
Got admission in Uppsala to study masters in Pharmaceutical sciences in from Nigeria Drug Discovery and Development, I'll currently need a scholarship to fund my dream, any way I can go about it?

My email for any suggestions, thank you.

[email protected]

Thank you very much. I'll peruse it

Hi Tumi, 

You can find our full list of scholarships here. Check out the top universities to study pharmaceutical sciences in the recently released World University Rankings by Subject 2020 here

Hi my name is Ntwali Kenny and from Rwanda I finished highschool last year and performed well in my finals were I attained 73/73 aggregates and I would like to acquire schorlaship in the Scandinavian countries like netherlands,Finland ,Denmark etc and any source of help would be highly appreciated @ntwalikennygatambira @gmail.com

Hi Ntwali, You can find out more about applying for scholarships here. You can also take a look at the full list of scholarships here.

Hi I am Mufliha Khan from Pakistan,I've completed my degree in Doctor of physical therapy and I've been searching for masters programms or MPH scholarships in UK or any other country of Europe,Can you please guide me.Thanks

Hi I’m Tram, graduated from UK university, major Marketing and Communication
Im seeking for scholarships in European countries but for not excellent students cause I got average award so please advice
Thanks a lot

Hi, this is Vignesh, my brother is doing Bachelor of Computer application final year student. He would like to do his MS in US or UK like countries. suggest us some fellowships which will provide free tuition fee, accommodation and food and travel.

Hi, I'm Vignesh from India, I have completed my Postgraduate degree in Materials science and currently doing research, looking for some Internships/fellowships to other countries which can be 3-12 months. please suggest me.

Hi Vignesh, please take a look at our list of computer science scholarships.

Hi, I am from India. Could you please guide me? I received a 5000GBP scholarship. But I havent got rest of the money. I applied for grants, scholarships. Nothing worked out. My classes begin my 25th Sept 2018. What are my available choices?

Hi. I am from Azerbaijan. I want to study engineering in Scandinavian universities with scholarships. Can you help me ? Thanks a lot

Hi there,

I am an international student looking for a higher studies in Canada. I am from Sri Lanka and I have a bachelors degree in Marketing. Can I please get some scholarship info.


Hi Hisham, we've listed a range of scholarships to study in Canada here.

Hi, I am from India and I am in my final year of Bachelor in Journalism, I wish to study my Master's from abroad. Could you please guide me how could I get into one of the universities? And is their any University which offers scholarship for foreign student in their master's and how to apply for scholarship?

Hi Rahul, where would you like to study? We don't currently have a list of scholarships to study journalism, but you can browse our full range of scholarships for different countries/regions/student groups here (which includes a list of scholarships for Indian students). 

Application processes vary between study destinations, so I'd advise you to have a read of our study destination guides to find out more about the places that interest you for your master's. You might also like to read our latest Top Grad School Guide for advice on studying at graduate level abroad. 

Hope this helps!

Hi, I am looking for full fund in PhD of construction and project management or any related field as Industrial Engineering in europe. Would you plz help me find which country provide this... Thank you very much.

Hi Lili, I'm not sure about a particular country or scholarship that has what you're looking for, but to help you in your search you could check our list of scholarships to study in Europe and engineering scholarships

i need the link of "fully funded scholarship" without application fee.

Have any full scholarship(tution fees,accomodation,food etc) opportunity in sweden,finland,swizerland,denmark without application fee? if available ,please inform me soon.Thank you...

Hi,I am a bachelor student of an agricultural university here in Bangladesh.I do have an fur fur higher ambition to exchange my credit hour on full base scholarship program as my unbearable economical status.I do have an IELTs schore of 6.5 in additional. Do there any opportunity for myself?.it'll be a great pleasure if you wish to let me details,without providing any link.
Excuse me,for costing your time.

I completed BA in English literature
I want to complete MA from Europe by partial or fully scholarship. How can I do?

Hi Tuhin, please take a look at our main list of scholarships to study in Europe. You might also like to view our guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad. Hope this helps!

I am Melkizedeck from Tanzania, I really interested to study abroad, and I would like to take civil engineering and structures(architecture),someone to help me,inform about where in Sweden or Denmark offering free university for non former students who came from outside

Hi my name is Nick and i am from Greece.During the last year i have been looking for MSc in economics or finance.The biggest problem is the living costs because i cant afford 12000 per year.During my research 12000 is the annual costs i have to spend for living in countries such as Denmark or Sweden.If anyone know anything about any type of scholarships or any similar way to help,please suggest any link that might be helpful.Thank you and have a happy new year.

Hi my name is Nick and i am from Greece.In the last year i have been looking about scholarships and similar things in Scandinavian countries.Sweden-Denmark more preferable choices for me.I also know tha there are no tuition fees for EU students.But the most difficult part is the living cost.I can't afford 12000 per year and i want some help.If anyone knows something and can give me links about scholarships it would be great.Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all

hi im matty from albania , im interested in studying abroad in europe or us , where can i find full scholarships or low fee tuition? thank you!

A Canadian interested in study aboard in Europe and where is best place to go study and that offers free t free tuition or scholarships? Thank you.

Hi Nyon, I've replied to your comment here. 

hi am Lynda from Ghana, please how can I get a scholarship to study hospitality and leisure in any of the top universities in the states or Canada?

Hi Lynda, you might like to start by browsing our lists of scholarships to study in the US and Canada, as well as checking the official websites of any US or Canadian universities you're interested in, to see what funding opportunities they have available. Hope this helps, and good luck! :) 

any mbbs scholarship ?

Hi Shahid, you can view a list of scholarships to study medicine here. :)

Hi I'm Gili Noj from Albania.I graduated from night school with great results. My passion is mathematic and physic and I would would like to study computer science or electronic.I don't have the money to cover the cost of living so I am looking for scholarship in Germany and Norway.Can you help me please ?
Thank you :)

Hi am Abdulrashid Mohamed Omar from Kenya. I recently graduated from one the universities in Kenya on BSc. Food Nutrition and Dietetics undergraduate course with First Class Honours and i would like to pursue my dream masters in Human Nutrition/Public Health Nutrition or Community Nutrition in Europe, America or Asia. May i get any scholarship on these areas of specialization?

Hi. I'm Ashar from Pakistan. I have passed BA hons in 2012 in English Literature. I want to get Law degree. May I get any scholarship?

Hi Ashar, please have a look at our list of law school scholarships around the world. :)

My name is Winny from south Sudan but living now in Sudan cause my country has a war and I don't have the money to offer for university so am looking for scholarship free tuition university if you can found university in Norway it will be fine

Hey, I'm a UK Student and I am concerned that I will no longer be eligible for free tuition fees since we have voted to leave the EU. It is likely that we will leave the EU halfway through my second year and I cannot get a student loan from the UK government if i choose to study abroad. Is there by any chance some funding or scholarship that i could get to help me financially. Thanks! (I'm currently looking at International Relations in a scandinavian nation)

Hi Louis, unfortunately there is some uncertainty at the moment regarding whether or not UK students will need to pay tuition fees to study in European countries in which tuition is free for EU students (particularly as you say, if the UK leaves the EU during your studies), so it may be best to contact the universities you're interested in to ask if they have a plan in place for this situation, or can offer you any advice. You could also try browsing their official sites for information on any scholarships they have available. Hope this helps!

Hi I am Mduduzi from SA and I am in my final year of high school and plan on doing very well and pursue a course in science and do music in my spare time. I have not yet created my passport but I am planning on doing so. I wrote my NBTs in South Africa and finals here I wanted to ask how can I surely score a scholarship to go study abroad because no one in my family is prepared to help and I have exactly Zero money in my name and cant c=get a job soon enough. What is the best way for me acquire funding cause I really need it

I am looking a volunteer who is willing to fully sponsor me for BSC. Civil Engineering. I have finished a Higher Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering from my Country Uganda last year. I have the passion for my Course but I have limited source of Funding. I will be very grateful to the volunteer who will help me out of this burden. May God bless you as you come for my help. Kind Regards. Solomon Emodu.

Hi Emodus, please take a look at our list of scholarships for engineering students. 

Hi, I'm Zaeem from Pakistan. I'm in final year of my Bachelors in Software Engineering (BESE). I wish to study abroad for masters degree with job, so that I don't have to wait after my bachelors is completed. My preference is Germany because of their free education, but if other countries offer same thing then I'm okay with that too, as I cant spend my parents money for further education. So can you please guide me regarding university scholarships and suitable sponsors that can help me grow? Also I wanted to ask you whether GRE or IELTS is required in my field ?

Hi Zaeem, I'm afraid masters degrees in Germany are usually not free for students who have previously studied their undergraduate degree elsewhere. We've listed scholarships to study in Germany here. Some universities will ask for the GRE - you can find the exact requirements on the institutions' official websites. You will need to provide the IELTS or another English language test result if you want to study in English and haven't previously done so for your bachelor's degree. To help you to choose a university, you might like to view our rankings by faculty for engineering and technology, with the results narrowed down to show only German universities. Hope this helps!

hai,i'm SIVAMUTHURAJA from india.i had completed my BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING WITH 8.0 AGGREGATE.I wish to study my master degree with my job in overseas .what i want to do for that?i need better information about the scholarship because my background is middle class family.so ,i unable spend more money for my futher education.please sugesst me some sponsers who put an effort to furnish me as like as gold...?

Hi Sivamuthuraja, what you need to do to study abroad depends on where you'd like to study - you can find detailed information on studying in different countries in our guides. We've listed scholarships for engineering students here. To find out about eligibility requirements and how to apply, simply click on each external link. :)

I'm a Sri Lankan student currenly studying for my bachelor's degree in hospitality management...which ccountriesi can apply for scholarships?

I`m Tanzanian degree student in Education field, I`m seeking for full masters scholarship in Europe or America concern Management and administration in education or politics matters.

Hi kasto, am finally meet you my fellow Tanzania, am your young brother finished my high school ,looking for any opportunity to study abroad, can you please pass me some information I may know? Yes it can! Have a nice moment