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Scholarships to Study in Germany

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Not only is Germany one of the cheapest study destinations in Europe, the nation also has an impeccable international reputation. Home to many esteemed universities within the latest QS World University Rankings®, Germany offers a growing number of English-taught programs, particularly at postgraduate level. To find out more, take a look at our complete guide to studying abroad in Germany.


Below is a selection of scholarships for international students of all degree levels wishing to study in Germany.

Government-funded scholarships to study in Germany

  • DAAD Scholarships – The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. Click the link to view the DAAD scholarships database.
  • Erasmus+ – The largest provider of scholarships for study in the EU, Erasmus+ is led by the European Commission, funding international students to study in Europe. It provides grants towards living costs when participating in an exchange program to study in Europe.

Non-government scholarships to study in Germany

  • Alfred Töpfer Foundation – Scholarships for students from Europe (excluding Germany), Israel and Turkey who are seeking a degree (excluding bachelor’s degrees) in a field related to culture, social sciences, the arts, architecture, or agriculture and forestry. Applications are not currently open; check back at the end of 2017 for the next round of applications.
  • Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship – Fellowship sponsored by the Einstein Foundation for postdoctoral research at a university in Berlin. You can find out more about studying a PhD in Germany here
  • Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students – Scholarships for international students at master’s or PhD level wishing to study in Germany at an accredited institution.
  • Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers – Postdoctoral scholarships for scientists and scholars of any subject and nationality. Students from developing and emerging countries may be eligible to apply for a Georg Forster Fellowship.
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships – Monthly master’s and PhD scholarships are available for international applicants under 30 who have completed a university degree in their home country. You’ll need to provide evidence of an above-average academic performance, have been actively involved in voluntary work for the benefit of society in your home country, and have an interest in political issues.
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships – Science scholarships to study in Germany, funded by the Bayer Foundation and open to students who are training to become educators in the field of science.
  • Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries – Postdoctoral research scholarships for international students wishing to study in Germany. Funded by the European Commission. More scholarships for students from developing countries are available here
  • Mawista Scholarship – Scholarships for those studying abroad while taking care of a child, including those pursuing study in Germany.
  • Deutschland Stipendium – Merit-based scholarships of €300 a month are available to highly talented students enrolled at German universities. Nationality and personal income do not affect your chances of being considered.  
  • The Helmholtz Association – Annual fellowships are available for doctoral and postdoctoral students from around the world, giving them the opportunity to do paid research at a Helmholtz center in Germany. 

University-specific scholarships to study in Germany

For more advice, download our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad.

This article was originally published in September 2014. It was updated in December 2015 and again in December 2016.

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I am winnie soa from Tanzania .i am looking forward to study in any foreign country preferably Germany for my masters degree in business management provided they give me full scholarship.I am fresh graduate from university of Dar Es salaam here in Tanzania , and I did a bachelor degree of commerce in Human resource management. I want to pursue my masters degree but financially I am not able. I would also appreciate if you could recommend universities for me So please help me out. Thanks

Hello out there, am a Ugandan and i need how my brother can aquire scholarship in chemical engineering and he is finishing high school in 2 years from now.
thanks god bless you.

Hi I'm alyi from Indonesia I want to to study abroad to Germany and take scholarship to apply my questions are , how I can take scholarship for undergraduate ? Should I to study Germany language? Where's the top University to take economic management program and use English language ? And what's conditions or rules to get scholarship on ADDA ?


i want to get deutsch language course in germany ,i need some help:)

I want to study in Germany in order to develop my mind in ICT

Hi Joseph, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should help to get you started, and you might like to view our latest rankings by subject for computer science and information systems, with the results narrowed down to show only German universities. :) 

Mam I am student of Civil Engineering.I want to get admission in Masters in Germany specially or any other generally in Europe . So I need your guidance and also tell me about any feasible scholarship. Thanks.

I want to get my BBA degree from Canada,Australia,or what can I do get my degree ...on the other hand I want full free me to do that

Hi, am Saheed, am from Nigeria, i hold diploma in accounting. I would like to get a bachelor's degree in the same field. Please do me help.

Hi Saheed, here's a ranking of the best universities for accounting:

Hi. I'm Thilak, My passion is study Psychology and Educational Training in German universities. I love to be a part of your university and get a opportunity to become a Academic coach in my country India. I want to help those million young ones by guiding them into a brightest career they have in them. I suddenly feel that my financial status is stopping me from my dreams and pushing to become a regular person working in a job. If the person you are seeing this find my dreams are true by my words. Guide me support me I'm willing to do any work and job to study in German. I currently in a poor family and cannot even afford a visa. Kindly believe in my dreams, The passion is driving me to do this and hope I'll get a opportunity.

Thank you


E.Thilak Chakaravarthi

HI, am ojinna, am from Nigeria, i hold diploma in nursing and midwifery.i would like to get a bachelor's degree in same field. i really need scholarship assistance . thanks

Hi Laura, i'm a Ghanaian. I hold Bsc. Business Administration - Accounting & Finance (option). I would like to persue masters in the same or related field . I need scholarship assistance to study in Germany, Canada and or any peaceful country. Pls do help me. Counting on your cooperation. Thank you.

Hi Michael, please take a look at our list of business scholarships around the world, which includes options to study accounting. We also have a list of scholarships to study in Canada here. :)

Hi. my name is Mira,and am from Nigeria and I want to do a masters in finance in europe so where I can get a proper scholarship and attention, plz reply my question as soon as possible.

Hi Mira, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Europe and list of business scholarships, which includes options to study finance. Hope this helps!

Hi Laura, i am indian and i would like to pursue my Masters in Automotive Engineering so kindly help me how can i get scholarship , kindly reply me as soon as possible.

Which scholarship suits most the plan to go for a Masters in Architecture??

Hi Bristy, if you'd like to study in Germany, there's a DAAD Scholarship here which might suit you. :)

Hi! may I know if I can still have scholarship for PH D biology. What University and what Country is offering and University? I am 44 years old. thank you..

hey Laura, my name is shalini ,and i m indian and I want to do a masters in pharmacology in europe so where I can get a proper scholership and attention, plz reply my question asc soon as possible

I forgot to mention in my comment - Germany is the preferred country

Hello Laura, my name is Sijuade, I'm a Nigerian. I'm rounding up on my bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science and I'd like to pursue a masters degree in Histopathology or Anatomic Pathology. Which scholarships or schools in Germany should I apply to? Thanks. Also I'll be running a mandatory 1 year internship programme which will end July next year so when should I start applying for the scholarships?

Hello, my name is Kehinde from Nigeria. I've done my batchlores degree in Sociology. I'd like to do masters in Germany. Is there any chance i can get good scholarship for my programme?

Hi, I m Jon Predi. I m an Indonesian, I m preparing my graduation, and have been planned to conti hawin and im18years old
I live in iran and im studing software engineering in college
I want to get scholarship to study in Germany
I want to have a chance to become successful
I really look forward for your help....

I am 15 years old Egyptian pre igcse student. I want to know how to get full ride scholarship to germany to study engineering. What are the subjects I need to study and what grades are needed to get a full ride scholarship? Please answer as soon as possible

Hello am Chiamaka from Nigeria studying agricultural economics and wish to study the same course for my masters degree please do you have information about scholarship options for Agriculture related courses in Germany

Hi, I am Akinpelu from Nigeria I wish to study in Germany but my parents are financially down please admin how can I get a full scholarship

Hi Aakinpelu, please take a look at our guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad. If you're studying at bachelor's or PhD level, you can study in Germany for free. :)

Hi i am bashir .i am a medicine professional .now am searching for specialization in germaney .if any one know abt that plz inform me

Hi I am halil from Turkey,
I am searching for a graduate school of international relations department especially about middle east region. I am searchin this from USA actually but if i can have a scholarship it can be also in germany. Please help me

I m Amin from Pakistan I am doing

Hello, my name is Christian from the United States. I am currently finishing high school in America and am currently looking into studying in Germany. I am actually in Germany at this moment visiting a close friend, whom is also allowing me to reside here, if infact I am able to study here!

That sounds very exciting Christian! Do let us know how you get on :)

I am Wriya from north of Iraq,I am Mechanical engineer I would like study master in German , please could you advise me how could I apply?

Hi Wriya. Our guide to studying abroad in Germany should help you get started.

I am Sayed from Bangladesh. I am completed my B. Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering. Is there any scope to study in M. Sc or find any scholarship related my subject.

I m Rumen from Bangaladesh. I have completed LL.B (Hons) in 2015. I would like to know that, is there any scope to study masters in Law. If so, how to apply

Hi Rumen. Our list of law school scholarships may be of interest.

Hi sabrina.. my name is Amad Khan ... i am from pakistan but i am German national. i study here in pakistan and i also work here. i have complete my bachelors in INformation technology here in 2007 then i have completed my bachelors in Education in 2013 and now iam completeing my Masters in Education here which will be finished in March 2017. I want to take admission in Masters of Information technology in germany. Can u guide me about it?

Hi Amad. Please take a look at our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany - this should help you get started. 

hello Madam Laura Tucker, I completed Cambridge A/L in August 2016 with A* (90-100 marks) in all three science subjects, the same percentage i took in Cambridge O/L exam as well, without going to any coaching classes, Rewarded full- scholarship for two years A/L course. Now i wants to persuade further study in Medicine with full scholarship in any reputed Medical college specially in Germany with English medium teaching also fact is that my parents are poor they are unable to support much financially. Pls advice.
My aim is to serve masses.

How can I apply for free admission to study in Germany

Hello, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should help to get you started. Hope it's useful! 

Hi.I am still going in high school and I am 4th grade of Catholic school center "Don Bosco" Žepče(which is the best in my country).I am Croatian citizen and I have all the Croatian papers (certificate of citizenship, passport ...).I am an excellent student all 4 years, and by profession I am a technician for mechatronics (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science).I read some articles here and I want to study abroad because I like to study and go abroad because education system here is old.I want to know if you can give me a few pointers where to look and watch the faculty where I can get a scholarship.

Hi Marco, would you like to find a scholarship to study engineering? We've listed some options here, and you can read detailed advice on how to find scholarships to study abroad in this guide. :)

Hie am Awesome Gama from Malawi please help me to study economics and finances in Germany

Hello, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should help to get you started, and to help you with choosing a university, you might like to view our rankings by subject for economics, with the results narrowed down to show only German universities. :) 

hey i m from india studying btech genetic engineering .i would like to know about the programs for master degree in the same field and how to apply