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Scholarships to Study in Germany

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Not only is Germany one of the cheapest study destinations in Europe, the nation also has an impeccable international reputation. Home to many esteemed universities within the latest QS World University Rankings®, Germany offers a growing number of English-taught programs, particularly at postgraduate level. To find out more, take a look at our complete guide to studying abroad in Germany.

Below is a selection of scholarships for international students of all degree levels wishing to study in Germany.

Government-funded scholarships to study in Germany

  • DAAD Scholarships – The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. Click the link to view the DAAD scholarships database.
  • Erasmus+ – The largest provider of scholarships for study in the EU, Erasmus+ is led by the European Commission, funding international students to study in Europe. It provides grants towards living costs when participating in an exchange program to study in Europe.

Non-government scholarships to study in Germany

  • Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship – Fellowship sponsored by the Einstein Foundation for postdoctoral research at a university in Berlin. You can find out more about studying a PhD in Germany here
  • Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students – Scholarships for international students at all levels wishing to study in Germany at an accredited institution.
  • Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers – Postdoctoral scholarships for scientists and scholars of any subject and nationality. Students from developing and emerging countries may be eligible to apply for a Georg Forster Fellowship.
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships – Monthly master’s and PhD scholarships are available for international applicants under 30 who have completed a university degree in their home country. You’ll need to provide evidence of an above-average academic performance, have been actively involved in voluntary work for the benefit of society in your home country, and have an interest in political issues.
  • Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships – Science scholarships to study in Germany, funded by the Bayer Foundation and open to students who are training to become educators in the field of science.
  • Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries – Postdoctoral research scholarships for international students wishing to study in Germany. Funded by the European Commission. More scholarships for students from developing countries are available here
  • Mawista Scholarship – Scholarships for those studying abroad while taking care of a child, including those pursuing study in Germany.
  • Deutschland Stipendium – Merit-based scholarships of €300 a month are available to highly talented students enrolled at German universities. Nationality and personal income do not affect your chances of being considered.  
  • The Helmholtz Association – Annual fellowships are available for doctoral and postdoctoral students from around the world, giving them the opportunity to do paid research at a Helmholtz center in Germany. 

University-specific scholarships to study in Germany

For more advice, download our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad.

This article was originally published in September 2014. It was most recently updated in January 2018.

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Hi. My name is Mary. I'm a Nigerian and I have a Diploma in Law but I want to further my studies in Germany but not in Law, in any business school (scholarship sponsored)....please what do I do?

am i eligible for medicine in Germany if i have done my high school stuies.?

Help me apply for a Biochemistry in the same university.

Hi Bharat, yes, as long as you can meet the requirements, for example by having extensive knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics, as well as both German and English. You can read more about studying medicine in Germany here

hello , my name is blackk and i am living in guangzhou (china) i want to study medicie in Europe on schloarship if any anyone can help please let me know

Please, am Philip a Ghanaian by nationality, I completed my RGN(DIPLOMA) program in 2017,I want to work and continue my education in German, can I get help from here?

Hi Philip, please take a look at our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany, which should help to get you started. 

Hi. I'm Rebecca Akrofi from Ghana and want to know if there are full time scholarships to do a degree in agriculture in one of the universities in Germany .. if yes, how can I apply?

Hi Lura, I am from Pakistan and am an architect and want to do my MS in Germany through scholarship can you kindly help me with that?

Hi Laura My name is Samrat,I am an Indian and a second year student of Law studying in Alliance University Bangalore.But now am facing problem in my education because of the ongoing tussle between two brothers who own the school land.we students are suffering because of there dispute.I am helpless and my mother can't afford me to get admission to any new collage .we are not so strong financially.If i could find someone to help me with the cost of my studies abroad then I would be thankful.Being a Christian and minority we face lot of harassment,threatening and even attacked because the present government is against Christianity. I am a student of Humanities /Social Science and interested in studying International Relation/Studies/Affairs and Law.My education would save my family.My humble request to all that plz if anyone can pay for my admission and cost of study for my undergraduate program in any English University in Europe I would really appreciate and would never let down.My mother don't have so much fund to help me.

Hi Laura, i'm Anthony from Nigeria and I will like to know how to apply for a tuition free school in Germany to study Sustainable energy in Masters level. will be very glad to hear from you

Hi,I am working in MNC and wants to apply for MS scholarship program. Please let me know about the procedure and how to apply for MS Program in abroad.

Hi , I did my Btech in CSE branch and its been 2 year i am working in MNC. I want to apply for Scholarship Program in MS. Please let me know about the procedure how to apply for MS.

Hello i have done Diploma in mechanical engineering I want do further studies in Germany. I want to Know about procedure & scholarship

Hi, I'm anoj i want to study information management in Germany. Would please guide me ta find a scholarship in Germany within my subject .i have BIM(bachelor in information management ) degree.

Hi.My name HammaD . I want to study in Germany. i complete B.A

Hi I'm Hamed I want to study pharmacist in Germany. would you please guide me what certificates are needed and how much does it cost. I should tell that I have studied civil engineering and I have BA.
I will be glad if I hear from you.

Hey I’m shiza I want to study dentistry or biomedical engineering in germany I’m from pakistan.
Please let me know how much it costs? & what’s the application procedure?

Hi I'm subhashis and I want to study medicine in Germany. Please help me in finding University. And is there any exam to be written for applying for free MBBS degree.

Dear Ms/Mrs
What documents are needed for a person to register aboard for 2019 first year
Yours Faithful

Hey,I'm tingan from Malaysia,despite I'm still a secondary school student,I want to ensure whether Germany have provides scholarship for learning Computer Science and what are the requirements to obtain it.Hopefully I'll get assistance,I want to be clear about my career path.Thank you.

Hey there,
I am Adnan, I can't speak German and plan to study in Germany in an English medium course at a private "State Recognized" university. Are there any kinda scholarships where I can apply?

Hi I'm shoaib and want to do MBBS in much costly is it? Please help me in finding the cheapest study in Germany.
Thank you

Hi Shoaib, you can study a medical degree for free in all German states except Baden-Württemberg. However, you'll need an excellent knowledge of German, as unfortunately no English-taught medical training programs are available. You can read more about the costs of studying in Germany here, and more about studying medicine in Germany here

Hi, I'm James Jazz Moore from Liberia, I want to study agriculture majoring in forestry in Germany please help me...

hi, id like to know the topcoat universities to study mass communication in germany, and how/ where to contact them.

Hi Basmala, here's the link to our latest rankings by subject for communication (you can narrow the results down by subject to show only German universities). 

I want email please to discuss of these scholarships, I have some queries

Hi Balqees, I'm afraid we're unable to respond to questions via email, so please could you reply here with your queries. Thank you.

Hi, I am Osama from Egypt, I have graduated from Electronics and control engineering with Excellent and honor grade, I am searching for a scholarship to complete my study for master and research

Hello. I am supun kariyawasam from Sri lanka. I passed physical science GCE A/L exam with 211 island-rank. I am searching for a scholarship in engineering for my qualifications ....

Hello, I am Thomas from Ghana, I need assistance to get scholarship to study in Germany in degree in nursing.

Hi my name is Abigail from Ghana,I would like to study masters degree in logistics and supply chain management with a scholarship, please help me.

Hi Abigail, please take a look at our list of scholarships for African students

Hey, I am Belaeat from Bangladesh. Now I am studying at Secondary School Level. I want to do undergraduate program in computer science in Germany! Can you help me?? Please!!!

Hi Belaeat, you can study for free at all public universities in Germany except those in Baden-Württemberg. To help you to choose a university, you could view our latest rankings by subject for computer science, with the results narrowed down to show only German universities. For more advice, please see our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany. Hope this helps! 

Hi. My name is Hashem from Iran. I am a Dentist and would like to study in PHD in Germany. Could you help me,please?

Hi Hashem, please take a look at our article on how to study a PhD in Germany. :)

My name is asif sherin frm pakistan want ro study bs sofware in germany plz accept me

Hi i am from India i want to do mechanical engineering and could you please refer me a specific scholarship

Hi my name is John Brima Turay from Sierra Leone undergraduate in computer engineer i want to know that bif there is any means to help the onces that dont have the financial support if the government will help as for me i wanted to further my education but i dont have the financial can the government loan me the money to pay for my fees

Hi my name is zabihullah khan i am from pakistan i already have a but i want to study medical of doctor if it is possible to get some schoolarship for select me of schoolarship {thank you i am waiting for your answear}!

Hi Zabihullah, if you'd like to study medicine in Germany, the course is free but there are no English-taught medical training programs. Or if you're interested in studying medicine elsewhere then we have a list of medical scholarships here. :)

Hi my name is Sylvia from Nigeria,I already have a Bsc in Marketing but I want to study Information Technology, please can u assist me with the requirements for scholarship and school that i can pay low tuition fees

hi.. i am ahmad shabir i am an refuge and i m studing MIS ( master in international studies) in italy in oriental university, i want to do my Phd in Germany, i want to know if it is possible to get some schoolarship for refugees, who dosn`t have any citisanship but european residence permit and travel document?
thank you i am waiting for your answear!

Hi Ahmad, you can study a PhD in Germany for free, and I would suggest checking the official websites of the universities you're interested in, to find out what scholarships and other funding opportunities they have available to help with living costs.

Hi...i am a student of Bsc Microbiology from India. I want to do Msc from Germany. Would you please let me know how to apply for scholarships in germany, when to apply and the requirements and which universities i can apply for scholarships and any procedure to get low tuition fees...

Hallo! Greetings from Nepal...
I am undergraduate Civil Engineering Student from Nepal. I want to know about Scholarship Schemes in Masters Degree In Germany. And the procedures that I should follow to get Low Tution Fees Or Scholarships In Masters In Germany.

Hi, my name is RITIN GURUNG. I have completed my bsc in medical radiography from manipal university india and i want to persue msc and i want to apply with scholership. Please help me to find the best and maximum amount of scholership as i cannot bear ot all.

Hi I Am Umesh, i completed my BE in Mechanical from India.I want to complete my MS in reputed university in Germany along with Scholarship am little bit confused about specific field of study but since i dont want to wast my time after completion of master , When should i apply for MS and what is the procedure and eligibility ? Is A GRE score necessary is every university in Germany.