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Scholarships to Study in Europe

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If you’re a prospective international student planning to study in Europe at bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level, you might be eligible for a scholarship.


UK scholarships are listed in an article all of their own, as are scholarships for Germanyscholarships for Russiascholarships for Eastern Europe and scholarships to study in the Nordic countries.

Scroll down the list below for a range of other scholarships to study in Europe…

To study anywhere in Europe:

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships – Initiative led by the European Commission to provide funding for students all over the world to study in Europe at selected institutions.
  • GoEuro European Study Abroad Scholarship – Three individual scholarships were available for students enrolled in any eligible university or to complete a study abroad program at any EU/Schengen Area country. At the time of writing, the scholarship is not yet open for the 2017-2018 round.

To study in Austria: 

  • Austrian Government Scholarships – Monthly scholarships of €940 euros available for up to four months for international students of all study levels.
  • – A searchable database of scholarships to study abroad in Austria.

For more information about studying in Austria, visit our country guide >

To study in Belgium:

  • CIUF-CUD Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries – Opportunities to gain funding to study in Belgium for training or research at master’s level. Open to students internationally.
  • VLIR-UOS Scholarships for Developing Countries – Offering scholarships for students from developing countries in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America to undertake training, research or study in Belgium at selected institutions.
  • Ghent University Top-up Grants – Scholarships for students from developing countries who are new students of English-taught master’s degrees at the Ghent University in Belgium. 
  • KU Leuven Science Scholarships for International Students[email protected] scholarship is aimed at international students interested in undertaking study in Belgium at master’s level within the faculty of science at KU Leuven.
  • KU Leuven IRO PhD Scholarships for Developing Countries – Open to prospective PhD students from developing countries to study in Belgium within the Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation at KU Leuven.

For more information about studying in Belgium, visit our country guide >


To study in the Czech Republic:

  • Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries – Government scholarships enabling international students to undertake study (at bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level) at institutions across the Czech Republic. Czech is the language of instruction for most programs offered.
  • The South Moravian Center for International Mobility - Scholarships are available for international students from outside the EU who are undertaking a master’s or PhD degree at one of the center’s partner universities, with study programs in technical and natural science preferred. 

For more information about studying in the Czech Republic, visit our guide >

To study in France:

For more information about studying in France, download our complete guide >

To study in Greece:

For more information about studying in Greece, visit our country guide >

To study in Hungary: 

  • Hungarian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students – Scholarships for international students to study in Hungary, funded by the Hungarian government. Open to students of master’s degrees in rural development and agribusiness, horticulture and agricultural water management.
  • The Stipendium Hungaricum – Provides scholarships which cover tuition fees, medical insurance, accommodation and a monthly stipend for citizens of partner countries to study in Hungary at either bachelor’s or master’s level.

For more information about studying in Hungary, visit our country guide >

To study in Italy:

For more information about studying in Italy, visit our country guide >


To study in the Netherlands: 

For more information about studying in the Netherlands, visit our country guide >

To study in Slovakia: 

To study in Spain:

  • GSE Scholarships in Economics for Developing Country Students – All master’s applicants are automatically considered for scholarships when offered a place to study at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.
  • Zaragoza Logistics Center – Various scholarships for admitted students of master’s of logistics and related courses at this research institute, including scholarships for African students.
  • Spanish Studies Abroad – Scholarships to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, including a diversity scholarship for underrepresented students.

For more information about studying in Spain, download our complete guide >

To study in Switzerland:

For more information about studying in Switzerland, visit our country guide >

This article was first published in September 2014. It was updated in December 2015 and again in April 2017.

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Hi my name is Abdurrahim from Bangladesh. I am talente student of accounting i want to go abroad for CA or MBA but poverty is my main obstacle so if i get full scholarship then i express my latent talent finally serve the nation as a professional CA

Hi my name is henry from cameroon and i wish to complete my studies abroad.

Hi my name is Karamo Jarju from The Gambia I have postgraduate in Gender ad Development can you please help me to fine fully scholarship in masters on Gender and Development.

hi, im from algeria, is there any chance i can study abroad? and how? thanks

Hi Rafik, of course! Our guide on how to apply to university abroad should help to get you started, and if you're interested in studying in Europe, you can read about popular European study destinations here. :)

hello there,I`m a young Tanzanian looking for full scholarship to study foundation course and bachelor degree in accounts or plotical science or logistics and managements,im intelligent with high IQ but poverty blocked my way to university,in my secondary education was only student scored division one in my class of 39 students but didn't go on for further studies because of poverty,im ready for anyone to show me the way...

Hi Samwel, please take a look at our list of scholarships for African students. :)

Hello , thank you for this informative article . Indeed , I come from Gabon , and currently leaving in South Africa and I was wondering if it was elgible to have an scolarship . Furthermore , I already have my French Baccaleaureat and been accepted to two UK universities . So any advice , about Scolarships , coming from you or other person wishing to help me will be fantastic and very kind .

Thank you .

hi, can u please tell me how did u contact the universties of UK?

Hi Anthony, I'd recommend checking the official websites of the UK universities you've been accepted to, to find out what scholarships they have available that you may be eligible for. Also, you might like to check our lists of scholarships to study in the UK and scholarships for African students. Hope this helps!

my name is makero peter from uganda east africa and am in the final year doing a bachelors degree in forestry
i need some information about the right university for the scholarship for any environmental sciences

Hello, it might help to have a look at our latest rankings by subject for environmental sciences - you can use our compare tool to help you decide on a university based on your preferences. 

Hi my all dears brothers and sisters my name is SAFIYANU HAMISU from Nigeria I finishedv my N.C.E. IN biology/computer courses, now I want to further my study in medicine & surgery, medical microbiology or Nursing science but I can`t afford the responsibility of tuition fees please I am looking the scholarship to achieve my dreams of been theses ambitions.

hIE Safiyanu, i m kindly asking for your help.i m looking for an honours degree in politics or international relations

Hi Safiyanu, please take a look at our list of nursing scholarships and list of scholarships for medical students. Hope this helps, and good luck! 

Hi there, hope you're doing well . To begin with, I wish to share my desire to study abroad for Master degree ( in a specialized field/subject) .However ,I will be able to pursue the course/degree only via Scholarship (financial reasons) . My country of origin is india ,and my qualification is Post graduate in Environmental sciences. Would have loved to go for Doctorate,however I believe I need to present a proper goal and so forth alongwith the subject of interest, which seems unrealistic at this point ,without a proper homework. Nevertheless, could you help me with (a) list of Universities ( my field ) offering full funded scholarshipscholarship ? Looking forward to hear from you.Thanks.

Hi, I'm Ge Marquez and I'm from the Philippines. I just finished my bachelor's degree this year and I very much like to apply for Master's in English Language and Literature in Europe. But i don't know where to start. Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Hi Ge, a good place to start your scholarship search is the official websites of the universities you're interested in, as you may be able to find one aimed at students on your prospective course. Please download our guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad for more advice, including how to write a great scholarship essay. Hope this helps! 

hey, I am a Social Worker with a Bachelor's degree, i would like to study in Europe but i'm having trouble finding the right universities ti apply. thanks in advance for your help :)

Hi Eleni, if you'd like to study social policy and administration at master's level, you can view the top universities for this subject and other fields in our latest subject rankings. You can narrow the results down to show only European universities and can use our compare tool to help decide between institutions. Hope this is helpful!

Good day to you all. I'm Bijou Mengulwa from South Africa and am 18 years old. I have been accepted to study Bachelor's Degree in International Business & Management at HAN University of Applied Sciences' Arnhem Business School commencing September, 2017. My predicament is funding to see me through University. I'm more than willing to be bonded after attaining required qualification. Please do kindly assist me find grant/scholarship in order to fulfil this life-giving opportunity. I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi. I’m Karen from the Philippines. I’m a licensed Veterinarian and currently working as an aquatic animal veterinarian and a part-time small animal practitioner (dogs/cats). I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Europe (preferably in Germany, Austria, Netherlands) in this related fields. But since my country, the Philippines, belongs to the third world countries, finances are issue.
I hope you can help me find scholarship in Europe wherein I can enhance my knowledge in veterinary medicine. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Karen, please take a look at our list of veterinary scholarships around the world, which includes options to study in Europe. I'd also recommend having a look on the official websites of the universities you're interested in, for details on funding opportunities you might be eligible for. Hope this helps, and good luck! 

Thank you for your good info.

Hi Sabrina, I am from Nigeria and I am almost through with my Bsc psychology..I would love to get my Masters Degree but due to financial constraint I might not be able to study my Msc I would like you to refer me to a fully funded scholarships Universities in either Canada or Germany..any that offers industrial psychology or sport and exercise psychology which is my favourite to study in my Msc programme. Kindly assist.

Hi I'm Krystal, I'm a license Architect in my country, and I'm working now in Qatar as a Junior Architect. I graduated from a not-so-known school in my country. Though I have already got my professional license there. I felt that I missed alot of things during my university days, and I really need a boost in so many aspects in my profession. I'm planning to study again but to take an Interior Design course. Is it possible that I can still get a scholarship to study abroad? Can you help me with the procedures please?

Hi , I would love to obtain a Master’s Degree in Europe ( preferably Switzerland/ UK/ Germany) in either Veterinary Science or Biology
studying Bee Health. I hold a Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine and Science (Ecology) both from New Zealand . I would really need a scholarship to do this (full or partial). Are you able to point me in the right direction please?

Hi Maike, please take a look at our list of veterinary scholarships around the world, which includes options to study in Europe. I'd also recommend checking the official websites of the European universities you're interested in for details on funding opportunities. Good luck with your search! 

Hi,I am Manuja from Sri Lanka.I like to study computer science or engineering either in
UK or in Switzerland.But since I have financial issues,I want to find a full or partial paid scholarship.Can someone help me on this?

Hi Manuja, please take a look at our list of computer science scholarships and scholarships for engineering students. You might also like to download our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad. Hope this helps, and good luck with your search!

Hello, my name is Marco and I am from Honduras. I am seeking for a scholarship in Europe to study medicine. My grades are near perfect, I am in many extracurricular activites or clubs, I got many community hours, I know 3 languages, spanish, japanese ( I am still in the process), and english I am in the national honor society of my school, I am in many sport teams, among many other stuff. I really want to study medicine in Europe, and I am would appreciate any persons guidance or help through the proccess. Thank you very much for reading this message.

Hi Marco, please take a look at our list of medical scholarships around the world, which includes options to study in Europe. 


Hi Elsayed, we've listed scholarships to study in the US, Australia, the European Nordic countries and Eastern Europe - hopefully you can find a scholarship to suit you amongst these! :) 

HI, my name is Mukesh from Malaysia. I have finished my bachelor degree in chemistry. Currently I am finding for master programs in any available nanotechnology chemistry field. Are there any fully funded scholarship?

Hi , my name is Muhammad and i have finished my bachelor degree in electromechanical engineering. currently I need to study my masters in any available electrical or mechanical field, Are there any fully funded scholarships? because i find it difficult to find scholarships for foreigners and if i find I can see a mysterious i need help to specify my requirement please.

thanks in advance

Hi Muhammad, our article on scholarships for engineering students includes options to study in Europe. :)

je suis à la recherche de bourse pour continuer mes études dans les meilleurs université si possible

Bonjour Ousmane! We have lots of other scholarship listings for particular countries, regions and subjects, which you can browse from here. Hope this helps! 

Hello Sabrina,
My name is Nikola and I come from Montenegro. I am on my final year of high school and I would like to study Economics. Are there any fully funded scholarships for the mentioned subject? I have a very good GPA and I also have FCE ( first certificate in english ) .
I eagerly await your response.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Nikola, our article listing business scholarships around the world includes scholarships to study economics in Europe. :)

Hi , my name is Khanzat. I am from Kazakhstan. I studied my barchelor degree in economics in English and now I want to study my masters in hotel management . I couldn't find the scholarship which fits to my requirments . Please help me . what u can offer to me. Thank you in advance . By the way, u, guys have really helpful website thank u .

Hi Khanzat, glad you like our site! To help you find a scholarship, you could try having a look on the official website/s of the European universities you're interested in, as they may have their own scholarships. You could use our course finder to search for masters in hotel management courses. Hope this helps. :)

Hello there. My name is Stavros and i come from Greece. I'm 16 and i want to start finding an art school with a scholarship or a full tuition scholarship so i can know how to prepare and what to expect when i turn 18. I get really lost in all this information and i would like some help finding out what's the best university in western Europe. Thanks in advance :)

Hi Stavros, to help you to choose an art school, you may like to view our rankings by subject for art, with the results narrowed down to show only European universities. We've also listed a selection of art scholarships here. Hope this helps. :)

Hello, so i'm in my third year studying business in my college (majoring in finance and accounting), i want to complete my 4th year in any university in Canada or other European country, is that possible? I study at the AAST (arab academy for science and technology and maritime transport) in Egypt. Or at least, after i'm done with college, i want to do something (not sure of its name) that takes 1 0r 2 years i guess and then gives me the degree that i graduated from that college/university instead of AAST. Is that possible either?

Hi I want to study medicine in Ireland but it is too expensive,what should I do?

Hi Philip, we've listed medical scholarships here, and you could also try browsing the official websites of the Irish universities you're interested in, to see if they have any scholarships of their own, or any other funding opportunities. Hope this helps!

I want to read engineering in Europe. is there any scholarships for me?

Hi Prabesh, please take a look at our list of scholarships for engineering students, which includes options to study in Europe. Good luck!