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International Scholarships for Engineering Students

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As future creators of railway lines, waterways, roads and space shuttles, to name some of the first things that spring to mind, engineering students are crucial to the development of society. And to support this future contribution, universities and other organizations offer plenty of engineering scholarships and fellowships.

In recent years, scholarships for engineering students, as well as other STEM scholarships for mathematics, technology and science students, have been becoming more recognized and plentiful in number, allowing many more prospective STEM students to achieve their educational and career ambitions.

Below is a list of current engineering and other STEM scholarships from around the world, to help you find the funding you need. (Click here to see a list of architecture scholarships.)


Japan Japanese flag

Malaysia Malaysian flag

  • Malaysia International Scholarships (MIS) – International scholarships funded by the Malaysian government and awarded to incoming students at Malaysian universities. Priority given to science and engineering students.

Singapore Singapore flag

More scholarships to study in Asia can be found here >



Netherlands The Netherlands flag

  • TU Delft Excellence Scholarships – Scholarship opportunities for geosciences and civil engineering students studying at master’s level at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

UK UK flag

More here >

North America

US US flag

More here >


Australia Australian flag

More here >

Anywhere! Globe

This article was originally published in October 2014. It was updated in January 2016.

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Hi! I am from Malaysia, an undergraduate with degree in Petroleum Engineering. I am looking forward to pursuing Masters of related field outside Malaysia, preferably Australia/Germany/Canada. Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, you might like to start by reading our guides on studying in Australia, Germany, Canada and any other study destinations you're interested in, which can you can browse from here. You could also use our rankings by subject to help narrow down universities that interest you. :)

Hi! I am from Nepal. I want to study Computer Engineering in US. But I am currently studying in Grade XI. What should I do to study Bachelor's degree in US?

Hi, i'm from studying civil engineering and i will graduate in 6 months , i would like to study a master in my field in Germany , Canada or Malaysia and Im looking for scholarships there , so any suggestions please?

Hi Seif Eldin, we have scholarship listings for Germany, Canada and Asia - hopefully you can find the right scholarship for you among these. :)

Hello, I am Mujtaba Sadid from Afghanistan.
I would like to study in America
Do you have any free scholarship in civil or electrical engineering?

I am from Cuba. I was recently admitted in a Master in Civil Engineering course at the George Washington University in DC, US. I am looking for scholarships of other sources of financing. Can you please assist me in this task??

Hi Anabel, a good place to start looking for scholarships and other funding opportunities would be George Washington University's official website - all US universities are legally required to have a 'fees and financial aid calculator' which estimates the cost of your course and what financial aid you might be eligible for. You can also browse from a range of scholarships to study in the US here. :)

Hellow guys.
I am from Bangladesh.I want to complete my program in civil engineering in abroad. Any suggestion for the scholarships and programs available in abroad? Please help me...
thanks in advance

Hi Guys.I am a Bangladeshi...i would like to study in Australia, Canada,& italy with scholarship.i want to complete my Diploma in electrical engineering .Give me some suggestions plzzzz....

Any exclusive scholarships for Pakistani students to study masters in either Canada or Australia?

Hi Muhamamad, I don't know of any exclusive scholarships for Pakistani students, but we have listed a range of scholarships to study in Canada and Australia. I'd also recommend checking the official websites of any universities you're interested in for your masters degree to see what scholarships they have available for international students. Good luck! :)

I am Bachelor in Mechanical engineering from Pakistan. I wish to study masters in Engineering Management from either Canada or Australia on partial scholarship. I will appreciate any useful advice. Thank you.

Hi Guys.I am a Bangladeshi...i would like to study in Australia with scholarship.i want to complete my M sc in EEE.Give me some suggestions plzzzz

Hi Ragib, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Australia. :)

Hello all,i hope that you are fine.i'm Ahcene baziz,i'm from Algeria,i'm a student in 4th years at the university,i'll finish my study next year,i'd like to complete my study in germany and i'm looking for scholarship to continue my career,it's an opportunity for me to study there but i need help,someone who guides me,i look forward to get your answer,thank you and have a nice day.

Hi Ahcene, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Germany. 

Hi guys my name is Douglas Jones am a high school graduates and I want to pursuit a career in engineering but I need scholarship to continue my career.I look forward to hearing from you soon xx

i am currently doing my BE from pakistan.i wanted to know on what grounds the reputed universities offers merit based scholarship?
which of the two continents either Europe or USA is a better place to do masters?
apart from gre what other grounds are there on which we have to keep an eye?

Hello, I'm Mohamed and I'm a Sudanese living in the UAE and I'm interested in studying Mechanical Engineering. I need a full scholarship so I can help my parents.

Hi, I am tam tam, a Nigerian interested in studying aeronautic engineering. I need full schorlarship as my parents can not afford my fees. Can you help me on how to get schorlarship for Africans from developing country like mine.

Hi Tam Tam, please take a look at our articles listing scholarships for African students and scholarships for students from developing countries. To find out more about how to get a scholarship, you may like to download our guide. Hope this helps! 

hi my name's nandia. I'm from mongolia. scholarship really need me. i;m female. my profession is mining processing engineer. i graduated in my country and i don't know english well. have i chance? i wish to study in master degree. help me

Hi Nandia, many universities offer the chance for international students to improve their knowledge of English, so don't worry! You might like to view our list of scholarships for women in male-dominated industries. :)

sorry i couldn't find to need me scholarship

Hi Laura Tucker. Myself Abhishek Garg from India. I am graduate in chemical engineering and having 3 years of experience in petrochemical field. I am seeking for post graduation course in any of the world's best chemical universities. Can you suggest the same and also shed some light on scholarships universities provide to the fellows. I am having one international publication based on my research work I have done during my graduation. Seeking for your guidance.

Thanks & regards

hi, i am from pakistan. i am a engineer student i want to graduate from US in mechanical engineering, can you guide me or something. that would be thankful..

Hi Gul. Our guide to studying abroad in the US should help you get started. You may also be interested in our updated ranking of the world's top universities for mechanical engineering - lots of great options in the US!

Hi, i am from pakistan. i am a student of engineering. i want to do my 4 years of bachelor in mechanical engineering from US. can you tell me any details. how to apply. any forms or something.

Hello. Myself Abhishek Garg from India. I am graduate in chemical engineering and having 3 years of experience in petrochemical field. I am seeking for post graduation course in any of the world's best chemical universities. Can you suggest the same and also shed some light on scholarships universities provide to the fellows. I am having one international publication based on my research work I have done during my graduation. Seeking fir your guidance.

Thanks & regards

Hello , am called pacifique NIZEYIMANA from Rwanda . I am seeking for a scholarship of bachelor's degree in electrical engineering every where in the world. I have got good results in national exams. Thanks

Hi i am Olamide, am from Nigeria i want to study mechanical engineering in Germany, i want to know if public universities in Germany teach in English or not?... (2) i want to know if those public universities offer full master degree or only diploma.

Hi Olamide, I've replied to your comment here. 

Hi, I'm from Iran,I study civil engineering master degree,I wanna study PHD at europe, can you tell me with scholarships of which universities accept this coutrie's students?
I cant find any one

Hi Khatereh, I would imagine you're eligible for the PhD in Engineering scholarships listed above - but to check, please browse the link to the scholarship provider's official website. You might also like to take a look at our article 'Where can you study abroad for free?'. :)

Hi, I'm Ike from Indonesia. I want to study Architecture in Undergraduate programs, I have finished my highschool in 2015 and i have work experience as a drafter at construction company. I wanna search for Undergraduate scholarship. Please help me out. Thankyou.

Hi Ike, please take a look at our list of architecture scholarships. :)

I'm a final year undergraduate majoring in Civil Engineering at a university in India. Though I did come across a couple of scholarships for Civil Engineering, I would be grateful if you could shed some light on scholarships for international students for graduate level study (Civil Engineering) in US and Europe.

Hi I'm Amen from India, and I'm currently doing my in civil engineering. I'd love to study masters in UK or Germany. Please help me.

Hi Amen, please take a look at our guides to studying in the UK and studying in Germany. We also have specific scholarship listings for both the UK and Germany. Hope this helps!

hi , i'm Alaa from Egypt and i want to know all about available engineering scholarships for me in gemany or any another country >> could anyone help me !

Hi Alaa, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Germany. Please note that all undergraduate degrees at public universities in Germany are free. To find out more, please see our complete guide to studying abroad in Germany. Hope this helps!

Hi Laura
Am the student with Diploma in electrical engineering and wants to pursue my degree .Can you help me which universities are best for African students?

HI Laura. my daughter is in third year civil engineering in India. she wants to pursue her masters in interior design architecture or construction management either in Dubai or Singapore. can you suggest which university is best for civil and will give scholarships for Indian students in masters

Hi Revathy, here are the rankings by subject for civil and structural engineering, narrowed down by country to see the results in Singapore (I'm afraid there are no results for universities in Dubai in this ranking). Here is a link to scholarships for Indian students and a link to Architecture scholarships. Hope this helps!

Hi Laura, can you kind guide and recommend, my son will be completing his degree next year in June and he wants to continue with his Masters program in either US or Canada. is it possible for you to help in starting the process now so that when he finishes he does not worst a lot of time searching for the university instead just switch. self sponsor!

Hi Laura, I am a senior electronics engineering student from South Africa looking to pursue a masters degree in this field. There are a few postgraduate bursaries available for me to fund my studies locally, but I would like to study further in Boulder, Colorado in the States. Is it very uncommon for international students to find funding for a masters degree in the US? Do I have any options other than funding the studies myself? Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Dehan. Take a look at our list of scholarships to study in the US - this may give you some ideas.

Dear Ms. Tucker,

I have recently done my masters in Germany and on the look out for a Ph.D. in the USA. What are the requirements? Should I contact a professor directly or is it done rather through the advertised posts? What would I be able to fund myself? Are there scholarships? Or would I be given a research academic position in the institute and will be paid for it like in Germany? I am an Indian and finished my bachelors in India.

Hi there, all the information we have on PhD funding and applications can be found here, although to find US universities offering PhD placements, you'll have to research leading universities in the field, checking the websites to see if they have open PhD posts in your subject. This is the most common way of finding PhD posts, and most universities pay PhD students a base salary similar to in Germany. If not however, scholarships are often readily available to cover PhD student costs. You can also learn more about gradute study in the US with this article.

Use our latest subject rankings to find leading US universities in your field, and from there you can visit their websites to see if they offer PhD placements. It may be a long task but hopefully it'll be worth it!

Good luck, Laura