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6 reasons to study an engineering degree in Malaysia

By Chloe Lane

Updated October 7, 2021 Updated October 7, 2021

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An engineering degree can be used to tackle global problems and positively contribute to the world. Engineers are involved in all aspects of life, constantly designing, building and testing new products and technologies. 

Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, engineering helped speed up production of vaccines to be distributed around the world.  

If you’re considering studying an engineering degree abroad, why not consider studying in Malaysia?  

Sunway University is one of Malaysia’s leading private universities, widely known for its high-quality research, exceptional facilities and the high standard of its teaching. It has recently launched two new engineering programmes: the Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Honours and the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours

Read on to discover what studying an engineering degree in Malaysia can offer you.  

Malaysian universities have a rising reputation in the higher education rankings 

Malaysian universities are increasingly rising in the QS World University Rankings. In the most recent QS Asia University Rankings, an impressive 35 schools are featured, including Sunway University.  

Sunway University is continually reviewing and improving its teaching, integrating its latest research into its lectures to ensure that students are kept up to date with current trends and technologies in the field of engineering.  

Alongside its continually improving position in the QS World University Rankings, Sunway University has received various prestigious research awards and grants from notable institutions for its high quality of teaching. 

You will develop complex problem solving and critical thinking skills  

By studying an engineering degree in a Malaysian university, you will undoubtedly develop a wide range of transferable skills which you can use in your career in the engineering sector.  

Both of Sunway University’s new engineering degrees aim to build critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills to prepare students for their future careers in engineering, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability.  

“At Sunway University, we champion sustainability efforts and the SDG [Sustainable Development Goals] through our activities and programmes, including its new engineering degree programmes,” said Professor Abdul Aziz, Director of Engineering Programmes Development at Sunway University. 

Sunway University’s Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree focuses on building the skills and technical knowledge needed for a technology-enabled environment. This delves into areas of electronic and electrical engineering such as electronics, communication engineering, power systems, embedded systems and artificial intelligence. 

The Bachelor of Chemical Engineering is designed to build the skills needed to harness the new materials and biosciences of the future. This engineering degree will prepare students for designing and upscaling processes and equipment to mass-produce renewable energy, food and pharmaceutical products. 

“Graduates will be ready for job opportunities beyond our current imagination,” said Professor Aziz. 

Enjoy cutting-edge facilities at universities in Malaysia  

When choosing where to study an engineering degree, it is essential to consider the facilities available at each university. Attending a university with good facilities can greatly improve your learning experience and help you build the practical skills needed for a career in engineering.  

If you choose to study an engineering degree at Sunway University, you will be studying in a QS five-star rated campus in Sunway City:Malaysia’s model smart-sustainable city, enabled by 5G. You will get access to four specialist research centres and will enjoy studying in one of the largest university libraries in a Malaysian private educational institution. 

Take advantage of the career opportunities open to engineering graduates  

With the recent growth in artificial intelligence, robotics, communications, alternative energies and life sciences, engineering roles are more important than ever, says Professor Aziz.  

“Graduates in the next four to five years will have vast opportunities.  Those with knowledge and skills that the future needs will have the best options to succeed,” he said.  

Sunway University aims to help students make the most of these opportunities, preparing students to take on the challenges of a post-pandemic world.  

Professor Aziz said: “As the world recovers from a devastating economic and social disruptions, it will need more people to rebuild and transform the world to ensure sustainability for mankind.  Engineers will be top of the list in this transformation journey.” 

Students who have studied electrical engineering degrees have typically gone on to work as product development engineers, computer engineers, robotic engineers or design engineers. Those who studied chemical engineering have worked as environmental engineers, process engineers, refinery engineers and production engineers.  

International scholarships and awards make studying in Malaysia affordable 

If you’re concerned that studying an engineering degree in a Malaysian university might be too expensive, you’ll be pleased to discover there are multiple scholarships on offer across universities in Malaysia. 

Sunway University offers a variety of scholarships and awards for students, based on academic merit, sporting talent and financial need. These scholarships award up to 100 percent of tuition fees at Malaysian universities. 

The Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award is presented to students of Sunway University with outstanding academic achievements at the end of their course. The award recipients are determined by a selection panel. 

You will learn to overcome engineering challenges in a sustainable way  

In the field of engineering, placing a strong focus on sustainability is essential. Engineers will have the power to decide the future of technology and shape how the world will look. 

The issues of climate change are now more relevant than ever. The UN recently released a report examining the impact of climate change on the planet, warning of increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding.  

“At Sunway University, our programmes have been developed with the sustainability agenda in mind,” said Professor Aziz. 

These programmes aim to train future engineers to build a sustainable, technology-enabled world. 

He said: “Engineers can reverse the current trend of environmental degradation will be expected by society to emerge in the near future.  Sunway University engineering programmes will be there to meet such expectations. 

“With the new programmes we are not burdened with past baggage. We can offer a new line of the curriculum without sacrificing the fundamental principles of engineering, to help develop the skills for future engineers.” 

This article was originally published in October 2021 .

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