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5 Reasons To Choose An International Experience For Your Bachelor’s Degree

By Stephanie L

Updated October 28, 2020 Updated October 28, 2020

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The opportunity to study in an international setting is a valuable experience for many – but what are the actual benefits that come with sharing your study experience with those from all over the world?

We spoke to a few Bachelor in Management (BSc) students from ESCP Business School to find out what made them choose a degree that’s built on the foundations of multicultural society and business. 

Your professional and personal development grows

Having an understanding of international management is essential in our increasingly globalized world.

To thrive in a global management role requires key management skills such as leadership, quick thinking, creative problem-solving, strategic-thinking, excellent communication and people management, as well as the ability to be resilient and adaptable to change. However, all these skills, so paramount and sought after in today’s world, cannot be achieved by merely confronting theoretical knowledge.

“[The degree] helped me grow as a person through understanding other cultures and different ways of approaching and adapting to them,” said Justine, a current student at ESCP Business School.

Yara, who is a recent graduate of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP agreed: “On a professional level, studying management opened up my outlook on the world surrounding me. On a personal level, I attained skills when it comes to working in teams, organizing myself optimally, and I gained a broader understanding of society as a whole.”  

… and so will your language skills 

While many management degrees are taught exclusively in English, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to better your language skills no matter which ESCP Business School campus you choose to study at – whether it’s Berlin, London, Paris, Turin or Madrid.

And it won’t just be the local lingo you’ll be getting to grips with, as the Bachelor in Management (BSc) means you can study entirely in English, and even take classes in French, German and Spanish.

Being fully-immersed in the local culture and language is a great way to understand and interpret the world around you.

You’ll be able to connect the dots between multiple disciplines

Once you’re open to the prospect of studying in an international environment, you could find out that you are equally interested in finding a program capable of intertwining concepts and ideas from different branches of knowledge.

This is something that made the BSc in Management even more tempting for French student, Magali. “One of the reasons why I chose the program was due to the variety of modules that are offered,” she said. “We aren’t exposed to subjects that are just linked to management, such as economy or finance. We also have the chance to develop our soft skills and general knowledge like rhetoric, intercultural skills, international relations and coding.” 

For Justine, “the degree opened me up to so many different topics and areas of business that I hadn't learned or heard about before.”

You could have the chance to solve genuine commercial challenges 

It’s no longer enough to be knowledgeable of management and the processes, strategies and theories that come with it. Being able to apply theory to practice through group projects, real-life case studies, business simulations and internships are becoming an integral part of management degree programs – especially at ESCP Business School. 

Handing the baton over to management students to help genuine companies and businesses come up with innovative solutions also helps develop their own entrepreneurial spirits. 

“We don’t just learn theory – we always need to apply it to concrete cases in multicultural group works. We have many guest lectures, and we are pushed step by step into the professional world,” explained Magali. 

“I loved the concept of the practical application of management and business as for me this industry has always been more about personality growth and actual experiences rather than theory learning,” added Yara. 

You’ll see the world and learn how management works across cultures and borders

Seeing the world, experiencing a whole new culture (or three with the BSc in Management at ESCP Business School) and developing a global mindset is a big draw for many students who choose to immerse themselves in a multicultural study environment.

“I was very interested in the fact that students come from all around the world [to study the BSc in Management]. I wanted to learn from my friends and classmates as much as I learn from the teachers,” said Magali.

On top of this, the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) takes the international learning experience even further – something which Yara considers a pivotal element of the degree.

“The opportunity to connect with new work settings and different approaches to business and intercultural management has made this experience much more than a three-year long path to obtaining a degree. It actually trained us to see an opportunity in every challenge and build a vision of the future we are here to create,” she said.

This article was originally published in October 2020 .

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