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Compare Universities Worldwide – New Online Tool!

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Laura Bridgestock

Updated May 26, 2023



Table of contents

Table of contents

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We’re pleased to introduce a great new feature of the QS university ranking tables, allowing users to directly compare universities worldwide on a range of criteria – including tuition fees, ranking history, size and international diversity on campus.

The new university comparison function can be accessed directly from any of the QS ranking tables, and is available for all logged-in users (to register for free, click here). To create a comparison, simply select up to four universities in the ranking table, and then click on ‘Compare’.

University comparison tool


The university comparison displays data on each institution side by side, including ranking results and history, as well as additional information. Students can quickly compare several universities they’re interested in – and then click through to a university profile page for more details.


Alongside information about each institution’s type, focus, size and diversity, the university comparison also provides details of the range of tuition fees charged. This is broken down by study level (undergraduate and postgraduate), with specific fee ranges provided for domestic and international students.


More information will be added to the university comparison in future, making it even easier for prospective students to quickly create a shortlist of institutions matching their own priorities, preferences and budget.

Got a suggestion for the next phase of the university comparison? What information would you like to see added? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

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