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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR) was established in 1992 by the Czech National Council (Act No. 283/1992 of the Collection of Acts) as the Czech successor of the former Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. ASCR is the leading non-university basic research public institution in the Czech Republic. It conducts both fundamental and strategic applied research to create scientific knowledge that contributes to strengthening the nation's position in key areas of science and to finding up-to-date solutions to contemporary problems of the society. Within three Scientific Divisions, namely the Division of Mathematics, Physics, and Earth Sciences, Division of Chemical and Life Sciences, and Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Academy currently manages a network of sixty research institutes and five supporting units staffed by a total of 6400 employees, of whom slightly over one half are university-trained researchers and PhD. scientists. The ASCR institutes are also involved in education by providing courses at the graduate level and supervising doctoral programs. The Head Office of the Academy and forty research institutes are located in Prague, the remaining institutes being situated throughout the country. The Academy formulates its own scientific policy, advises the state on major issues of its...
  • 57.3
    Academic Reputation
  • 79.7
    Citations per Paper
  • 64.7
    Employer Reputation
  • 80.6
    H-index Citations
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