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Belarusian-Russian University

Mira Ave, 43 Mogilev,
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TheBelarusian-Russian University is an interstate institution of higher educationof the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

It wasfounded as a Machine Building Institute; today it has become a major scientificand educational complex.

Every yearmore than 1,000 young specialists graduate from the University - competentprofessionals with a high level of education, capable of mastering innovativetechnologies and new equipment. Our graduates are among the most versatile andmobile professionals holding senior positions in different companies andorganizations.

Belarusian-RussianUniversity has the following faculties:

-Faculty ofMechanical Engineering

-Faculty ofConstruction

-Faculty ofElectrical Engineering

-Faculty ofAutomotive Engineering

-Faculty ofEconomics

-Faculty ofEngineering and Economics (Educational Programs of the Russian FederationBachelor’s degree (basic courses))

-Faculty ofEngineering Correspondence Education

Developingcooperation with foreign universities, our University seeks to create favorableconditions for export of educational services and increase the number ofundergraduate and graduate students from the CIS and other foreign countries.Today export of educational services has grown considerably, and the geographicorigin of our undergraduates, master students and postgraduates has widened aswell : China, Iran, Syria, Israel, Turkmenistan, etc.

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